Talking About Sex Pheromones

Because the LAST THING we want you to think is that we’re easy or that we’re the type of girl who just generally does it with every guy. What Happens If You Don’t Pick Up on This Signal Like the iron analogy I just mentioned, if you don’t pick up on her DTF signal you’ll obviously either MISS OUT on a ready, willing, hot and horny playtime partner… You’ll ALSO miss out on chances for it again if you’re single… Because no woman wants to face a guy who’s sexually rejected her or just couldn’t take a hint. OR if you’re in a relationship, this is where shame, rejection, disdain, and tension can build…and also when women become susceptible to meeting other men to save face in being rejected sexually. Exactly What It Looks Like Women who are DTF will usually put sex out there in either a subtle or verbal way She might start flipping her hair, pulling her shirt down to expose her breasts more, licking her lips more, or flat out start TALKING about sex!  Learn more at and

Either way she’s hoping you’ll get the hint…or at least get turned on enough to make the move yourself while she plays innocent participant ; - ) In Speak To Spark Arousal, I go over the importance of “Baking The Sex Cake” and really turning up the heat when it’s necessary… To the point where she might lose it and make the first move on YOU out of sheer frustration! Either way, if turning up the heat is something you struggle with, make sure you look over the different ways you can get flirty and frisky once you sense she’s DTF ; - ) LEarn more at

That Says She’s Sexually Frustrated This is the signal that shows she’s unhappy sexually…and that she’s actually looking for the cure through YOU! Why You Need To Know Knowing that a woman is sexually frustrated helps you know how you can help…and that you CAN! She might be a cold - hearted bitch who just needs AND IS LOOKING FOR a good spanking… But can’t seem to find a man MAN - ENOUGH to take her in the way she wants. OR she might be having sex with you whenever you want…but growing more and more resentful of doing so because SHE’S actually not getting anything out of it! It also can mean the quick - fix to a relationship going sour overall. Women are also pressured to keep mum when it comes to their sexual woes

It’s why women fake orgasms. They also don’t wanna bruise any egos. Also if she’s seen as sex - seeking, she’ll be seen as a “hoe”… So usually girls just wait around to find men who make the effort to try and sleep with them… But sadly find themselves waiting a VERY LONG TIME. What Happens If You Don’t Pick Up on This Signal If you don’t pick up on the fact that she’s unhappy sexually…chances are she might find somebody who WILL satisfy her sexually… And if she’s a single sexually frustrated woman…what this does is it builds up her shame in wanting and seeking sex when you don’t pick up on the fact that she’s frustrated and ready for YOU to have your way with her already! Exactly What It Looks Like For guys in relationships…these are actually women who might try to “butter” you up by doing things you like or SERVICING you a little extra…


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