Survive Pheromone Production

You’re about to cross into an “Abyss of Neediness”’re a “beginner” trying to use cocky- fiinny humor. (Discover what she really thinks. And a fun method of learning the right way to
banter and build sexual tension...that will really make you attractive to women!)

Can you control what kind of girls you’re attracted to with pheromones? (Find out what to do if she isn’t your type-)

Astonishing “success patterns” that give physically unattractive men a huge romantic advantage with women over the good-looking “stud”! (The ONLY concert technique you will ever need.)

The only comeback you’ll ever need to pass her tests...and the 4 critical transitions you MUST have in your toolbox if you want to gain “complete seduction control of pheromone production”.

How - and WHY - you’re wasting your time telling “exciting” stories. (And the astonishing romantic advantage that insightful men possess...but almost never use!)

How a schoolyard hand game teaches you to listen to your partner’s body guaranteeing her an “over-the-top”, toe curling, full body orgasms...every time you step in the bedroom! (You’ll become the best “Kung Fu” lover she’s ever had!)

Beyond seduction: Logistics. What they are and why they are so important. (Screw this up and you’re going home alone with natural pheromones.) Learn more at

Surprising first date ideas that help to eliminate awkward silences while getting to know her. (Never settle for a boring “dinner and a movie” date again!)

The embarrassing simple secret that will make her WANT to give you oral sex more often! (Best of all you don’t have to say a word.)

Attention, sexually adventurous men: Do you want to have a threesome with your girlfriend’s best friend? (Strategies for spicing up your love life and adding a second girl to your bedroom games.)

Mastering loud club game: How to dance with any girl on the dance floor with greater pheromones

High-level seduction secrets: Going beyond double your dating. (Ever come up with the perfect comeback ten minutes too late? Learn to tease her more effectively and get her juices going!)
The wrong mindset: Damaging thought processes you need to get fixed now. (And Why Charles Darwin would have made a great seducer when he said: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survive pheromones. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.’’)

Are you squandering your potential stuck behind a mental roadblock? Discover the most powerful, revolutionary technique the ONE-MINUTE Seduction.

Watch As Women Become Instantly Attracted And Are Willing To DO ANYTHING...

Within moments of meeting her. Good girls, bad girls, shy girls, and every type in between...It doesn’t matter once you “crack the code” and unlock her inner “Sex Demon” learning the single biggest

turn-on every woman shares...And only you can give it to her! (Warning: This technique is so powerfiil you may ruin her for other men...and best of all it will happen naturally like magic.)

Are you intimidated? Some guys are - they’re afraid to even realize this is possible. Some guys can’t handle it. It is NOT for the weak willed or timid. BUT I’m pretty sure it’s for YOU.


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