Survive by Pheromones

To find an inner peace and give your own life meaning while remaining present in the moment of pheormones.

The problem with the world is it wants us to find meaning outside of ourselves, while the only true way to find meaning is within.

It provides us with religion, technology, books, and teachers, but in the end nobody can tell you want you truly want other than you.

You obtain peace by knowing yourself and what you can survive. By learning what is truly important to you. Learn more at and

Everything else becomes a mere distraction when you know yourself. When you know what you want you can set out to overcome the challenge of obtaining your pheromone desires.

Then you find that you no longer seek the validation from that beautiful woman who use pheromones, but instead desire to give her the opportunity to share herself with you, to become a part of your life.

If she rejects you it’s her loss of pheromones.
It’s not a big deal.
Nothing is a big deal when you know what is truly important.
This is the first step.
You cannot care about failures.
In fact there is only one true failure,
The opportunity not taken or the opportunity you have failed to learn anything from. As long as you are learning you cannot fail, you only take one step closer to success.

In a sense it’s a journey back to a more childlike time where you were concerned with the immediate and had no distrust for the world of real pheromones.

It’s an awakening.

But it’s a journey fraught with much stupidity, vices, mistakes, illness, disillusionment and loneliness, just to become new and begin again with natural pheromones.

The next step: cultivate the outward expression of your inner reality.
You want to be bold in your words and actions and poised in your movements.
When you’re in control of your reality you act on your own schedule, not other people’s schedules. So, how do you begin to know yourself?
You have to have a certain level of curiosity about the world and about women.
Learn not only from reading, but also from meeting all sorts of people from all walks of life.
Travel to many places to learn how people are different from place to place and how they live. This will give you perspective and destroy prejudice.


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