Super Easy With Pheromones

The danger of quickly escalating during day game is it makes it harder to keep her fiom standing you up later.

She has no Way to justify the feelings she has for you. She feels like sex is going to happen when you meet up, yet she doesn’t want to appear easy with pheromone cologne.

So, to fix this issue you either have to put more time into having a regular, get-to-know-you conversation with her and/ or practice deep state acceleration of pheromones. Learn more at and

Pheromone approaches:

Seated Approach: You see a girl you want talk to, but she’s sitting down.
How do you talk to her without making it awkward?
Easy.You approach as you normally would and then while you’re talking you sit down in one fluid motion.

This prevents you from drawing attention to yourself or making her uncomfortable by hovering over her while you talk about how pheromones worked for you.

Moving Approach: Now, you see a girl who’s walking down the street. How do you approach her? Easy.

Walk beside and a little in front of her, turn while continuing in the same direction, and say whatever it is you’re going to say. Learn more at and

Quick Tip: If she’s wearing headphones just point to her headphones and ask, “What are you listening to?”

Even if she’s unable to hear you over her music your gesture will cause her to remove her headphones and ask you, “What?”

Then you can repeat yourself or say whatever you want to say why you use pheromone cologne.

Dance Floor Approach: As I said earlier I’m not a big fan of going to loud nightclubs to meet women.

Sure the clubs are good for getting an idea of what sort of women are available and for disarming guys who could be a problem later, but not for seducing women.

That’s my opinion.

Some guys don’t mind having to shout right next to a girl’s ear and losing his voice the next day. Some guys actually like dancing.

Good for you if you’re one of those guys. With that said I’ve done dance floor seduction before.

My approach is very direct.

Iwalk out onto the dance floor and stand off to the side of a girl I’m interested in talking to, stop, and make eye contact with her.

Thenl look her over from head to toe while she is dancing.
After that I look at her eyes again or her mouth.
While doing this Iwill wet my lips or slightly bite my lower lip.
My hips are either straight ahead or at a slight angle.
One foot points ahead while the other, closest to the girl, points more or less toward the girl.
This is both a nonverbal sign of interest and foot placement for my approach.
Now that she saw me standing there she will either turn away ignoring me or she’ll dance up to me.


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