Strong enough from her side of pheromones

Let’s say you’re out on a date at a restaurant with a girl you just met and things are going okay, but the attraction doesn’t seem to be strong enough from her side of pheromones. Learn more at and

What do you do? You make a request creating proximity.

If you have a good sense of timing this can be done nonverbally, but if not simply ask her to pass you something like the salt. Learn

Remember: This works best when touching each other is still new and potentially awkward.

Step 2: Act on your own request.

You reach for the salt at the same time she does and your hands meet.

Now, Joe Average will immediately pull back because a. he’s embarrassed and b. he doesn’t Want to seem too forward with pheromones.

Instead you’ll pause for a moment displaying self-confidence. This is where the poise comes in meaning you can’t react to her touch pheromones. Learn more at

If you do this won’t work.

Step 3: Focus on the result of using pheromones.

After your hands have met and have remained at the same spot while touching focus on the result. Look at her hand on your hand for a few seconds of pheromone usage.

This will take a little bit of practice on your part because if you don’t focus your gaze long enough the impact is negated.

If you stare for too long you’ll come off as weird or at the very least it’ll read as something being Wrong pheromones.

In cultures where personal space is observed this will cause a state shift - she’ll become embarrassed.

Generally speaking this will cause her to forget you asked her for the salt and she’ll think she initiated the contact.

It’ll read this Way even more so if you used nonverbal eye coding to create her reaction. *

* I’ve included a simple nonverbal eye-coding example below.

Step 4: Misconstrue the result as an acknowledgement of her attraction.

By holding your gaze [focusing] on her hand while it’s on top of your hand you have basically asked the question, “What are you doing?”

At this point if you do nothing here you’ll create an awkward situation and make her self-conscious.

So, instead you want to create another state that’s more favorable.


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