Stop Using Pheromones

First of all, put your hands by your side and stop using pheromones. Now you should feel a hard bone at the top of your thighs on the outside of your legs. It should be around where your wrists are when you have your hands by your side. (You may have to move your hands back a little to find these two hard bones.) These bones are called the greater trochanter and these bones are the ones responsible for giving you the appearance of wide hips. (Just a note, the appearance of your wide hips is actually NOT to do with your actual hip bones. Your actual hip bones reach up as far as your belly button, but the bones we’re talking about are a part of your femur, your leg bones. When your hips are measured, the widest point is always around the top of your femur and around your buttocks, rather than your actual hip bones.)

And sometimes you can get so overwhelmed with human pheromones information that you don’t know what to do. So in this section, I want to simplify everything for you and tell you about 3 main things to focus on to massively increase your reproductive value which is also your overall physical attractiveness. Now we all know that men are highly visual creatures. So what visual cues trigger a man to instantly feel attraction and desire for real pheromones? Learn more at

You already know what these are from the 17 Attraction Triggers you got with Attraction Control Monthly. Read that again, and if you haven’t picked 3 main triggers to work on and build upon, do it NOW. And if you DID do the exercise and pick 3 to build on, pick another 3 and do it over again with stronger pheromones. Learn more at

Just think about when you’re 80 – do you want to be that cool grandmother that even young kids want to spend their time with because you have so much value to add? Do you want people, young and old, and even young kids to come to you for advice, and to talk to you about things because they know you’ve got something of value to share with them? Or do you want to be that grandma or mother that people get really annoyed with because you’re moaning all the time about what’s wrong? So when it comes to making new friends, remember that you have to step outside of yourself. You have to do more than what is comfortable to move forward. You may have to take more interest in other people to start with; and really get to the crux of what THEY care about sex pheromones.

Just think about how many people there are in the world! There’s never a shortage of people who would love to have a great friend like you. Learn more at and

In fact, there are plenty of people right now, sitting there, thinking how nice it would be to have a friend just like you!

Increasing Your Spiritual Value Spiritual value with sexual pheromones. This is the area of value that occurred as we evolved to become human beings, and we developed the new level of brain (the “neo cortex”). Spiritual value is becoming more and more important as we evolve. Reproductive value and social value are important; but it’s the spiritual value that put the icing on the cake.


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