Spend Time With Her Pheromones

And because of this single fact, men actually want to spend time with her. Men actually find her fascinating, and are curious about her, instead of treating her like a used “sl#t”. In fact, the sex tapes made her even more popular than she ever was before and she suddenly became the center of the media’s attention on pheromones.

The same kind of thing is true of Kate Moss and Kim Kardashian. They have high value, so more people are more willing to go out of their way for them. I recently heard that Paris Hilton gets paid a million dollars to show up at a night club just for a single night. That’s right – a million dollars just to show up at one single night club on a single night, she pocketed a million dollars. That’s some high status high value right there using natural pheromones.

If you preset yourself as a high value high status woman, and others perceive you that way, then you will always get the “better” treatment when you go out. You will have other women looking up to you and wanting to know you and be interested in becoming friends with you. You will have better service than most other people, and you will be cared for better than most other people who use human pheromones. Learn more at http://www.svconference2008.org/2017/02/19/afc-pheromones/

 When it comes to your love life, the single most important thing that high value and high status will bring you is a sense of alluring mystery and men will be more fascinated by you and curious about you. Your lover, (and other people too) will find you endlessly fascinating, as if you have a depth that is boundless. He will never find you boring, because a person of high value is never boring with pheromones according to http://www.zaretviolins.net/thats-an-interesting-story-about-human-pheromones/

He will wonder to himself why he’s so lucky that he’s never bored in the relationship and there’s always so much variety, (unlike all his buddies). You see, there’s a lot of women out there wanting to become more “mysterious” so that they feel like they could be more attractive. Well, here’s the real secret… When you become high value and high status, then you won’t have to “try” to be mysterious pheromone cologne. You will automatically become mysterious as your normal mode of living. You will have a air of class, feminine charm and radiance that people feel inspired by. You will naturally hold yourself like a goddess without having to do “this and that” like so many other “experts” suggest you do more pheromones. Learn more at http://www.psychologues-cliniciens.org/attracting-women-with-pheromones/

Now, the reality is this. All of us want to have high status in this world. It’s build into our “monkey” brain. You see, millions of years ago, when we were just apes, we lived in little colonies and tribes. And this is when social hierarchy began. If we were at the top of that social hierarchy, then we will be fed the best food, have the best shelter and the best mating chances with real pheromones.

Other apes will do things for us, and being at the top of the hierarchy really exponentially increased our chances of survival. But on the other side of the coin, if we were somewhat low on that same social hierarchy, then we would be the first to die if a famine was to strike. We would have everyone else’s crumbs, and we would probably not have ANY mating opportunities.


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