So Sure With Pheromones

So I’m sure you’ve heard of this before, but I’ll say it again just to remind you… “who you hang around is who you become.” If you hang around high value people, you will naturally become higher value. If you hang around low value people, then you will naturally be pulled down to their level too using natural pheromones.

If you were hanging around a lot of other people with low value, people who don’t deserve a lot of respect in the society, by associating with them and having them in your peer group is not helping to add to your social value, in fact, it works against you. So I’m going to say it again… “Pick your friends carefully because who you hang around is who you become!” Most of us have had the same friends since … forever. And when we reach “adulthood”, our friend making abilities decline and so we try to  hang onto the old friends we have, regardless of whether they’re making a positive influence in our lives or not using more pheromones. Learn more at

(In actual fact, our friend-making abilities didn’t decline; we just got too comfortable and stopped going out of our way to make friends because we weren’t looking ahead. We were looking more for instant gratification). In other words, if the friends we currently have are fulfilling our needs ‘enough’, we don’t make an effort elsewhere. Learn more at

So what you really want to achieve in order to have tremendous “social value”, is to be around, and associate with other high value and high status people and also become a leader of high value and high status people. Now, I don’t mean leader as in someone who “bosses” others around, that’s not leadership at all. Leadership means influence of strong pheromones.

Leadership is the ability to influence others. And in order to lead a group of already high value people, you would have to have so much to give to these people and that they would WANT to have you as an influence. Now, if you’re not as popular right now as you’d like to be; if you haven’t got as many connections as you’d like, and if you feel lonely, don’t worry. Everybody gets lonely, and sometimes, being socially “broke” is actually a GOOD thing. It forces you to do something about it; if you have high standards. Once you actually desire to make more friends, and prioritize it; it’s really easy to make new friends. So don’t worry if you are not where you want to be; everything will be ok. If you’re not where you want to be; it’s just a reminder that you need to grow with stronger pheromones.

So here are a couple of very quick steps to get you on your way to becoming more popular and gaining your social value. First of all, learn to just connect with people. Really connect with all kinds of people. And start to build a network around you of people whom you value and whom also value you. Your circle of friends and peers is very important when it comes to your social value. You want to take the position of the center person in this circle of friends and influence people. This means that you don’t want to just passively follow others, but instead, actively nurture this circle of influence that you have. After all, if you nurture it well, it feeds back to your social value. So start to become more aware of how you’re seen socially attractive pheromones.


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