Smell strong with pheromones

It’s a more eloquent version of the joke from childhood where one kid would say they’re strong and another would say, “Yeah, you smell strong with pheromones.”

So, my linking attempt to seduce women pheromones worked.

From that point on she associated the song with our callback humor.

I didn’t even have to be present for the callback humor to be triggered. Whenever the song played she thought of me. Learn more about pheromones at and

Which was also interesting because the song fit her personality and had desire within the lyrics: “Come on baby make sweet love to me.”

That meant the link established was one of desire to make love coupled with the inside joke.

From that point on all I had to do was play it cool and make her work a little for my affections. Then I’d give in to her pheromones.

Of course this assumes I didn’t make her wait too long resulting in her giving up.

Warning: In the now dated seduction pheromones you’ll see references come up again and again to something called C and F [cocky-fimny].

This humor works well, but the problem is appearing too cocky.

If your range of humor is restricted to simply being cocky and funny eventually the balance will be lost and you will come across as more cocky than funny.

The result? The girl will drop you.

Quick Tip: The key to being successful with humor is to calibrate it for the type of woman you’re talking to [type of humor she finds humorous].

However, if this means going completely outside of the humor you find funny then it’s better to stick to what you know best.

Otherwise you appear like you’re trying too hard.

Jokes vs. Nerd Jokes: How not to be funny

Using humor that’s not your brand of humor, among other things, is one of the big reasons guys fail in the field.

Another problem, concerning humor specifically, is nerd jokes.

Most guys, especially new guys, are guilty of using nerd jokes in a regular setting only to have their humor fall flat. And then the women think they are weird.

What is a nerd joke?

A nerd joke is anything that requires specific knowledge in the context of the joke’s subject matter before the person can find that joke funny.

Maybe you like video games and have constructed an entire routine around video games.


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