She’s not interested in Pheromones

Without using pheromones, you’re throwing out who you are, what you like, and something funny or corky to reduce the tension. This is a fun way to make the girl feel more trust with you and safe with giving her number to you. If she still is hesitant after all of that, then I bow out gracefully. It’s done. She’s not interested. She has a boyfriend.

She just got out of a relationship that lacked pheromone production. Just accept that not every girl will like you even if the interaction is going well and you did all of the above. It’s not always you. Say something like, “The day/night is young.” Always leave a girl respectfully and never insult her when you get rejected. If a girl is hesitant to give you her number, then you need to establish more trust and the best way to do this is to add a little more authenticity in your interactions. Be more you, be more present, and just smell her natural pheromone scent. Learn more at and

You were probably doing too much 80/20 and not enough 50/50 or 20/80 in the conversation. She needs to be able to trust you and feel safe with you. Also, as a side note, when you are getting her phone number, get her to input her name and number herself. This helps in case you forgot her name, too, which can happen when you’re talking to many people in one night. That’s just another piece of compliance where she’s inputting the phone number and you’re not putting it in yourself. Sometimes girls will test you while exchanging phone numbers with, “What’s my name?” If you don’t know, you screwed up and some girls can get really pissed off and leave pheromone everywhere. Learn more at and

If you get caught in this, don’t name guess and get it wrong three times in a row. Just be honest and say, “Listen, I’ve had a long day. I know you are (INSERT 3 THINGS YOU KNOW ABOUT HER) and I think you’re awesome, but I did forget your name.” Say whatever you remember about her to show you were listening to her and apologize and ask for her name. You have to own your mistakes. You could also challenge her and ask, “What’s my name?” While she’s giving you her number sometimes it’s fun to flip the script here and challenge her first and say, “Wait, what’s my name?” Eight out of ten times, she forgot and I’ll just tease her and say, “What am I? Just a piece of meat to you?”

She’ll input her name on your phone and you’ll have just teased her because she forgot your name. So fun stuff there and you’re making it a fun experience to exchange phone numbers not this painful experience women often dread. As a side note, I’ve found if a girl gives you her last name in your contacts, this is a sign she trusts you more and you will most likely get a response. Also, don’t leave her the second you get her phone number. Stand there and text her your name and maybe something funny so she can put a name to your number right away.


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