self-conscious about pheromones

Most guys seem to go for an attractive girl until they find out she’s this type and since she’s not giving them much feedback they start to feel self-conscious about pheromones.

Typically she’s younger, inexperienced, and has a fantasy of the way things should be without having any deeply ingrained beliefs.

Calibration: You become the emotional and romantic fantasy of a guy she’s looking for in a subdued, yet over-the-top way. Learn more at and

Rein in your outrageous personality and use it sparingly to shock her, which will flip her attraction switches to cheaper pheromones.

2. Outgoing or Aggressive Girl: She’s fun loving and outgoing with natural pheromones.

This girl will get in your face and stand up to you. And if you let her she’ll push you around. Often she’s the leader of her group.

Calibration: You push back with your equally strong personality and frustrate her by not letting her have her way or not letting her get much of a reaction out of your true pheromones.

She may tempt you with being overly sexual or asking you for favors, but you appear outwardly Stoic and firm

Finally you give in after she’s worked for your attention and affection. She has to earn it; then you can give her a complement or answer her questions. Repeat. 3. Emotional or Religious Girl: This girl will go off on dreamy flights of fancy pheromones. Learn more at and

If she’s the religious type she’ll use her religious teachings as a reason to not be with you and/or to limit her actions.

Sometimes these girls are sincere while other times they are scared of what giving in would mean, which allows her to rationalize what does not count as sex.

Girls of the religious type will sometimes do all sorts of kinky things so long as traditional sex is avoided, thus upholding their religious teachings.

Calibration: Use her own logic against her to give an example of being able to get what she wants within the context of her emotional or religious framework.

It doesn’t matter that when you take it outside of the emotional or religious context it makes little, if

any, sense.


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