see you again with greater pheromones

It’ s helpfiil when you managed to get her attracted to you, but you didn’t provide her with enough of a reason to see you again with greater pheromones according to

You should know however this is a double-edged sword.

While she gets a better idea of your interests and what sort of person you are online it also lets her snoop around.

Not to mention you may fall into the trap of having an emotional relationship with her online, but never actually seeing her in real life on true pheromones.

Good First Dates:

I have no idea how the dimer and a movie first date got started.
It isn’t a good approach for seduction since you can’t talk in a movie.
When you are at dinner you’re physically separating yourselves between the tables.
What’s a good first date?
1. Go for a hike with her. It’s free and gets the blood flowing.
2. Go to a flea market, garage sale, or farmer’s market. It’s an inexpensive and interesting date. 3. Go to an orchard or berry patch where they let you pay to pick.
4. Go horseback riding.
5. Or do a community service project together.

What all of these examples have in common is they allow you an opportunity to get to know one another while being partially distracted with another task for pheromone users.

This helps to alleviate lulls in conversation.

Not only does it help with the awkward silences, but also it’s useful for combining your words with your actions with the best pheromones

This helps your mind remember what was said later.

Getting your blood circulating also helps to prepare it for other activities.

Physical Escalation:

Throughout your interaction you’ll be touching her to get her used to your touch. There are a lot of subtle cues when it comes to touch, but the main things you want to look for are:

1. Does she accept your touch or does she pull back?
If she pulls back she’s either not ready for your touch or you have gone too far too fast. Go back to a less invasive touch.
2. Are you physically escalating your level of touch on emotional high points?

When she feels good you can always make her feel better. She’s most receptive to your touch at these times.

3. Is she happy and welcoming of your approach?
Then she’ll be more open to your touch.
You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can get yourself into some very intimate situations. 4. Are you progressing from friendly touch, to comforting touch, to sexual touch? This is the natural progression people go through as they get to know each other. Remember: Touch comes from the outside toward the center.
A handshake is a friendly touch. Tapping her on the shoulder is a friendly touch.

A comforting touch is a touch that lingers for a while like a hug or placing your hand on a neutral area like the small of her back.


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