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Our job is to find the biggest and most effective areas to focus on, and not waste our time and energy on little things that simply don’t work, or work very ineffectively. (For example, taking an hour to do your nails may make you feel pretty with more pheromones, but it really isn’t very effective as a reproductive trigger. It is the icing to the cake if anything, but don’t mistake it for the cake.)

So what is the most important physical attraction trigger? It’s the appearance of your hip to waist ratio. The first thing for you to focus on to increase your reproductive value is to accentuate the appearance of your hip to waist ratio. The FIRST and most crucial thing. So, anything that makes your hips look wider and your waist look narrower. Learn more at

Pheromones are the secret

Now, notice I said the APPEARANCE. Well, here’s the thing. Have you ever seen an optical illusion? Have you ever been amazed by an optical illusion and tried to work it out but your brain somehow tricks you every single time even when you’ve “understood” that it’s a trick?

 That’s because optical illusions are designed to trick your mind; not just your eyes. So you don’t necessarily need to have a perfect hip to waist ratio of 0.7 to 0.72. You just need the illusion of it. The way to do that is through how you dress and how you walk. (J ust on a side note. Science has shown that the easiest way for us humans to decide whether another person is a male or female, when we can’t see their face, is by looking straight at their hips and deciding upon the hip to waist ratio. That is literally how our mind is wired with natural pheromones.

We waste any time looking anywhere else other than the hips and waist to determine this. Women typically have a hip to waist ratio of 0.7 to 0.85. And men typically have a hip to waist ratio between 0.85 to 0.95.) So the point is, if you want to be seen as more “womanly” attractive, then exaggerate your hip to waist ratio and make it obvious. So let’s talk about how you should dress to get this effect. J ust think about it for a moment. Your aim is to make your waist look slimmer, and your hips look wider. So it would make great sense to have something that is slightly tighter around your waist, and looser around your hips. This would exaggerate the hip to waist ratio. So imagine a woman in a tight blouse with a skirt. Now, imagine a woman in an oversized shirt that covers her waist.

There’s a huge difference between the two in terms of the appearance of the exaggerated hip to waist ratio. The other thing you should focus on is how to walk to show off your hip to waist ratio. Now I’m sure you’ve seen models walk down the catwalk with their well practiced strut pheromones.

I don’t want you to walk like that! (it’s just way to exaggerated for everyday life, people will think something strange is going on with you!) What you want to do and focus on instead is a thing called “lateral hip shunt” when you’re walking. (because when you move your hips sideways, it gives the appearance of much wider hips!) So how do we do this? Well, you would have already got a clue from the 17 Attraction Triggers. However, let’s give you a little extra insight.


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