Secret Pheromone Signal That Says She’s Using You

What they’re TRYING to do is appeal to your EMOTIONAL side to try to get you feeling all good and saucy and wanting to “reward” her. For women who ALLOW themselves to be sexually frustrated…usually the LAST thing they’ll do is try to BE overtly sexual. Instead they’ll drop subtle hints like kissing you a little longer or cuddling up to you and giving little moans or cooking your favorite meals and wearing your favorite outfits. Unlike women who want you to get a little NAUGHTIER, these women are the ones who don’t wanna feel NOVELTY as much as they wanna feel INTIMACY. For single girls…the sexually frustrated ones are the ones who come off a little bitchier but still manage to keep talking, let a laugh slip through over your jokes, and manage to tease you in mean ways… What’s happening is they’re ALLOWING the sexual tension to build but as it DOES you might find them FIGHTING it because of how frustrating they’ve already become in their own sex lives.  Learn more at and

Secret Pheromone Signal That Says She’s Using You

 This is the signal that shows she’s actually NOT that into you…but using you for some sort of advantage she gets by having you around. Why You Need To Know She knows that by keeping things ambiguous or PRETENDING to like you ENOUGH, she gets to HAVE something from you… Even if it’s something as little as an ego boost or someone to do something with (or play mind games with) when she’s bored. What Happens If You Don’t Pick Up on This Signal If you don’t pick up on this signal, well you’ll continue to be used and frustrated without ever really getting what YOU want out of your love and sex life… While SHE continues to reap the rewards off you! And if you continue along THIS path without picking up on this signal…you might find yourself sticking around long enough to watch  her fall into the arms of another man who would NEVER let this happen with HIM. Exactly What It Looks Like She only calls or texts when she needs something but when you reach out she’s either unavailable or too busy She has all these demands and expectations of you…but doesn’t go out of her way to actively show her love, care, and appreciation for YOU. In Speak To Spark Arousal, I go over how to REALLY decipher between her words, actions, and intentions…to see if they’re in line with what YOU actually want for yourself… And more IMPORTANTLY how to let go when she isn’t serving you the way she should. All this can be found in the Module entitled: “Don’t Be a H.O (Hanger - Onner )!” Learn more at


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