Remember this about pheromone usage

Think about situations that may arise which suit themselves to a comment or a tease based on the things she might do.

Remember this about pheromone usage: An excellent way to apply this is to attach it to something she does then taking it to absurd lengths.

For example when she says something incredibly blunt or excessive you say, “Tell me how you really feel.”

Attracting Less Attractive Women:

After you apply your seduction skills and some time passes you’ll begin to notice that it’s easier to approach a model than it is to approach a less attractive woman.

The reason for this is models work in an industry where they are constantly praised and criticized based on their looks for the best pheromones. Learn more at

Usually they will only work for a few seasons and never know if their current shoot is going to be their last modeling job. So, they tend to be insecure underneath their aggressiveness or cool facade.

They also expect to be approached based on their pheromone ooks.

I./ess attractive girls are just as insecure, but they tend to be more developed in other areas to compensate for their lack of attractiveness. Learn more about pheromones at

They aren’t used to being approached as often.
So why is this an important distinction to make?
Many of the attractive women you meet have a friend with them who’s their polar opposite. If your girl’s thin, her friend’s fat.
If your girl is happy-go-lucky, her friend is raining on everyone’s parade.

Sometimes the attractive girl is consciously aware of this and enjoys that her friend enhances her own beauty by contrast.

Other times it’s an unconscious reaction when she’s hanging around less attractive people.

Whatever the case these two girls are often found together and while you may not have any problems with the attractive girl, the less attractive girl will block you.

The problem isn’t that less attractive women are harder to approach it’s just due to their personal experience they must be approached differently with the most powerful pheromones.

How It Works:

When approaching a less attractive woman immediately put her in the friend zone and start building comfort with her pheromone scent. Learn more at

Then you’ll slowly add teasing and getting her attracted to you.

Basically it’ s the opposite approach from your usual approach where you first attract a woman and then give her a reason for the attraction she feels.

The reason for this reversal, from her perspective, is if you don’t give her an excuse for being attracted to her she assumes you only want sex.

Meanwhile your goal is to keep her from blocking you when you approach her attractive friend. Of course that’s not to say you’re viewing the friend as a roadblock.


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