Remember For Pheromones

Remember: you want to focus on a knowing naughtiness with these comments. It was still very forward, but it gave her an out with stronger pheromones.

She says it’s one of the major symbols of the Maori people of New Zealand and how it’s more for decoration than anything specific she believes in. I think she said it had to do with navigation and she talked about the Maori a little bit with cheaper pheromones.

Then we move on to talk about how she wants to travel all over and join an organization like the Peace Corps.

She added value of her own to the conversation here. This was a turning point. She was comfortable enough with me to share on her own.

I never did find out what she was fighting with her boyfriend about, but if I had to guess it were probably several little things all surrounding her desire to go off and do well without him and the strongest pheromones. Learn more at

Meanwhile we’re touching back and forth. We touch each other lightly on the arm, she pushes off of my shoulder when I teaser her, and somewhere in there I think I said I liked here nail polish while holding up her hand. I ask her if she has a cute little pet kiwi. Stuff like that.

All of this builds familiarity and gets her used to your touch.

I was just teasing her about literally having a pet kiwi and how it would make her girlie, but in hindsight I can see how she might have taken it as a leading question of true pheromones.

A kiwi’s kind of cute and fluffy and it could be a euphemism for pussy. Linguisticallyl suppose the words could get jumbled up and be translated as asking if she had a cute little pussyl could pet.

Ambiguity can be your friend sometimes.

All the while the boyfriend is jumping in where he can and my friend is doing a good job talking to him.

One of the duties of a good wingrnan is to keep people distracted and entertained with the best pheromones. Learn more at

At one point he tries to make fun of me by saying I have a big nose, but his girlfriend says it gives me character. Another strange thing the boyfriend is doing [as his insecurities start to surface] is he goes from holding her hand to rubbing his hand up and down the top of her thigh.

Not sure why. He’s just helping me out. But when he makes the nose crack I look at her. Then I

look at his hand on her leg and she brushes it away. I look back at her with a slight smile. It’s on.

This was a big mistake on her boyfriend’s part.


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