Relaxing With Pheromones

With pheromones, this could be after a long day of work, taking ten minutes to lie back, relax and listen to some soothing melodies. What you will notice is that once you start looking after your whole body first, your feminine energy will be able to show up for you to serve you in return. You will regain your feminine radiance and glow, and others will find you much more appealing and much more attractive. Exercise 2… Here is the second exercise for bringing out your irresistible feminine energy and draw people to you like bees to honey with pheormones.

Feminine pheromone responds to praise and compliments that are sincere. This is why women compliment each other (I know, I know, some women never compliment other women, and these women often make terrible friends because they’re so focused on themselves). But you do see women saying “oh you look so beautiful!” and the women who receives the compliment will say “oh you look way more beautiful” and the first women will give the compliment again, saying “oh no, you look more beautiful!” Learn more at and

Trust me, if there is a way to bring out your feminine pheormone quickly, it’s through compliments. But here’s the problem: most women have absolutely NO idea how to receive compliments. They are AFRAID of the effects of a compliment, and they’d rather think the person who complimented them is just “being nice” or courteous. There are secrets to having compliments bring out your feminine energy. Here they are: 1) You need to actively RECEIVE any compliments you are given. It doesn’t matter what it is about – it could be about your progress at work, it could be about  your beautiful eyes or lovely smile, you must respond to the compliments with energy. ESPECIALLY when a man gives you a compliment. Men subconsciously give women compliments (sincere compliments, namely), because they want to see you happy and see your radiance flow. This is also why men love to make women laugh. It magnifies a woman’s radiance. Learn more at and

So write down TWO ways you can start actively receiving compliments. This could be: stopping and feeling the compliment in your body. It’s all too easy just to say ‘oh thank you!’ and then keep on with the ‘task’ at hand – this is what you DON’T want to do. Actually take the time to smile and enjoy the juice of the compliment, because that way, you’re letting it contribute to your flow.

Just saying ‘thank You’ is as useless. You need to feel the compliments in your body for them to really take effect and bring out your femininity. True and lasting change only happens when we feel it in our body. So go ahead right now and write down TWO ways that you will actively receive compliments from people from now on: Great. Now, the second way to let compliments and praise bring out your femininity is to COMPLIMENT OTHERS. When you complement others, you are giving a gift to the other person (try to do this mainly to women) and it incites a response of reciprocity in most people who love human pheromones.


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