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You have your own place, you think for yourself, and you make decisions on your own based on what you value in life.  He’s happy with or without people around him. Self-reliance removes neediness and gives you the confidence and strength to be your own person. You cannot get into a healthy relationship with a high-quality woman if you are coming from a position of neediness. It will always fail and leave you hurt.

A needy man shows to women that something is wrong here and this man is trying to “get” something from her. He cannot add value to her life; he can only take value. She will avoid any type of intimate relationship with a needy man at all costs. So much of our lives is spent running away from ourselves, trying to gain approval of who we are from others. We seek guidance in the form of a book, a teacher, a mentor, or an organization which can show us the way. You are born with everything you need in life to be happy and independent. You have buried your powers deep within you from years of social conditioning. Yet, in our culture, we are so dependent on one another.  We become dependent on these first world luxuries and continuously look outward for help for even the most minor tasks or challenges. Learn more at  and

The ultimate goal of The Grounded Man is to become self-reliant; to become your true self, to love all of your flaws and imperfections, and be one hundred percent happy with who you are in this moment. Now, when you’re self-reliant, the following statement makes complete sense: “You want the girl, but you don’t need the girl.” Self-Reliance helps you let go of all attachment to any one girl or relationship. It does not matter how attractive she is as you will not be more invested in her than you are in yourself. You are truly free from every outcome because your happiness, emotions, and resources all come from within you and not from anyone or anything else. Now, you are the most attractive, desirable, and unattainable man in the room. Women can sense your lack of neediness and they will naturally respond to your presence and authentic mastery. You won’t run out of things to say with women because when you are self-reliant, you are happy with yourself and what you offer and your words become gold. You trust in the process, the journey, and growth. Everything you say and do is perfect because it is coming from you.

Your Purpose is Everything “Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.” ~ The Buddha Your purpose is your mission in life. Your life's work. Something important, noble, and beautiful enough for you to die for. Something you choose to completely commit yourself to.

Having a purpose grounds you, maximizes your chances for career and business success, and gives you the opportunity of having a great career that could have a meaningful impact on the world. Purpose gives you increased flow experiences which is often correlated with more happiness and professional success. Having a higher purpose removes neediness which makes you more attractive. You are committed to your life not any one person. When you’re not living your purpose, you’re losing the ability to be your happiest, most fulfilled self. Without it, you walk through the world reacting to society, entertainment, alcohol, drugs, and especially women.


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