Profound Pheromones

This is truly one of the most profound things you will ever learn about your pheromones. You will see your relationship from a whole new perspective that gives you a much bigger picture than what you’re probably used to. So take a deep breath, embrace this bigger picture and be glad that you’re now more aware than 99% of all other people on the pheromone planet.

And one last thing on this: the more you actively bring value in the form of excitement, happiness, or any kind of pleasurable emotion to the relationship; the more you and your man will be able to weather the bad patches. Because the key is that emotional associations (EPAs and ENABAs) don’t occur just in our conscious mind – they occur in our BODIES of human pheromones.

So, for example, if your man is DOWN – if something bad is happening in his life - and you bring to him a genuine love, a genuine sense of connection and compassion – his BODY doesn’t forget it. If you bring to him a love and compassion that most women would be way too fearful to give to him; and you do it consistently; his body doesn’t forget it. So don’t think that you have to be working over time like a rat on a conveyor belt to keep things afloat. No, no no. You just have to be conscious of the emotional qualities and the qualities of experiences you are bringing to the relationship. At first, it will feel hard – you’ll feel resistant, but the more you do it, the stronger you get and the better you get at doing it with real pheromones. Learn more at and

The Two W ays Associations Shift Over Time Most relationships start off with a lot of passion, a lot of attraction and it would almost seem like you can’t get enough of the other person and nothing could tear you apart. If you look at most relationships after two years, then you’d see a completely different picture. Woman yells and complains to the man, man shuts up and watches the game. She turns her back, he turns his back. Quite a dramatic shift don’t you think you should use pheromones?

So the question is, how did it slowly shift over time resulting in all the great feelings disappearing? Well, it turns out that there are TWO different ways that associations will change over time. 1) The first of the two ways is through repetition. 2) And the second of the two ways is through intensity of natural pheromones. Learn more at and

Let’s start with repetition. If you repeatedly show up in the relationship in a way that creates a minor ENABA in your relationship, then eventually that’s how your partner is going to feel about you. For the purpose of this exercise, let’s just say this minor ENABA is a 2 out of 10. In other words, it’s just a small annoyance. If you show up in your relationship as a small annoyance every day for a whole week, I guarantee that your lover will have a different association with you by the end of that week. It may not be a terrible kind of association, but nonetheless in an intimate relationship, anything small can easily magnify into something a lot bigger later on. On the flipside, the same is true with a small level EPA or positive association. If you’re repeatedly bringing 2 out of 10 EPAs into your relationship, then over time that’s how you and your partner will associate the relationship you have together. Now it may seem like there’s nothing wrong with bringing small EPAs to the relationship…


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