Pre Selection Pheromones

There’s a concept called pre-selection pheromones. Pre-selection basically means that if a lot of other people want your time and attention, then you must be valuable. Kind of like it’s self evident. You’re preselected. Even if it doesn’t make any sense; if a lot of people want you and your attention, then your attention must be valuable and you must be a valuable person. And same is true with attention from males. So if you get a lot of male attention, then you are “pre-selected” by other males, and it gives the impression that you must have a lot of value as a woman because all these men are wanting your attention with pheromones. Learn more at

If all these men are wanting your attention then surely they can’t all be wrong and misguided. This reminds me of a quote by someone… “No woman wants a man that other women don’t want”. Jada Pinkett-Smith (Will Smith’s wife) said that.

In other words, women do not want someone who isn’t wanted by others. And I think that applies the other way around as well. So no man wants a woman whom other men don’t want natural pheromones. Just really think about that for a moment. No man wants a woman whom other men don’t want! It really doesn’t matter how physically beautiful you are, how healthy you are, how generous and giving you are, if no other men find you attractive, then that is a sign that “there’s something wrong”. Men would think to themselves… “I don’t know why, but there’s just something NOT right here. Something doesn’t fit the picture. I don’t want to fall into a trap, now. If no one else wants her, then what does that say about her?... I better be more careful with my decisions…”

The other benefit of being so called “popular” is that you increase your options. People who are popular have lots of options, whether that is men or friends or business deals, whatever it is - they have more options. And the more options someone has, the more perceived value they will have. So men would find you more appealing automatically, if he thinks that you have a lot of highly valuable and highly respected friends and associates, and highly valuable men desiring your natural pheromone production.

And by the way, what would happen if you are always hanging around a group of low value individuals? How do you think other men will see you then? Chances are, they will also see you as LOW value, just for having those friends.

 (I’m sorry if that’s what you believe or wish for the world, even I, at one stage wanted to believe such a thing as equality for all. But now, I’m not as deluded to think that’s possible, so instead, I wish love and freedom for all.) Ok, what does this mean to you? Well, if you want to be irresistibly attractive to a man, be high value. If you want to keep a long- term relationship with a high value man, then stay high value, and don’t let yourself lose your standards. (One of the scariest things for men is to marry a woman; then only to see her let her standards go. He is scared that her radiance will diminish

with every single donut that she eats and every pound that she puts on. He is afraid that she is no longer interested in taking care of herself and trying to look good. He is scared that she will become a “low value” female and other people will laugh at him for it. It’s not that he doesn’t love her, but he wants to know that she will stay high value to him, even after marriage, and even after having kids.) Ok, so social value is all about your ability to make friends, your ability to have conversations with other people, and how many friends and associates you have who value you. To put it simply, it’s just how popular you are. I know a lot of people don’t like this idea of popularity because it makes them feel “bad”, especially when we compare ourselves to celebrities for example, but it’s very much the truth, the more popular we are, the more value other people perceive we have.


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