Pheromones You Want

Now, before we get in to the juicy strategies and tools, I have a few words to say. I know that ‘strategies’ and ‘tools’ can sometimes feel like manipulation, and can seem inauthentic. And they are – but only in a certain context. A lot of people use strategies and ‘tools’ from a place of desperation. They have nothing internally; so they try and fill themselves up externally. Basically, they try to ‘get’ something from a man because they feel they have nothing inside. The tools and strategies I give you will always be tools that benefit both you AND the man.

The sgeneral rule that applies here if you want a man to be IN LOVE with you rather than just lusting after you or feeling that “ meh ”, “in-between” not-that-passionate feeling for you, is to use the tools I am about to give you for maintaining romantic love and attraction from a place of pride and confidence. From a place like this – men won’t be able to help but feel attracted to you. Learn more at and

And, I will add that by now, you’re pretty much ready to go out there and make a relationship work with ANY man you want. The reason is because, when you delay a reward, the longer dopamine cells remain in activity in the brain – which sends more dopamine into the reward centers of the brain. Learn more at and

“Tension and Anticipation are the Fuel of Romantic love and attraction.”

Don’t always spend 24/7 together for months on end. 5) One of the best ways to maintain romantic love is to become an exciting person yourself. Always grow, evolve, learn new things – and really value and appreciate how important it is for you to actively do and learn new things  yourself, to allow yourself to grow so that you can bring more to your intimate relationship. Don’t just settle for what you have now. You need to have the kind of lifestyle that drives up your own dopamine levels. This is extremely important. Aside from that – it’s important to always develop and nurture your own feminine energy. Your feminine and sexual energy and openness.

Pheromones will attract a man to you, rather than push him away. Develop all the parts of your feminine energy, light and dark. I talk a lot about dark and light feminine energy in our program Commitment Control, but for now, just know that you need to develop the naughty and nice

“Always remember to use the Attraction T riggers on a man. Don’t forget to use them!”

So, through my own research, I’ve come to a conclusion about what men really want (and need) from you as a woman which is what we have been saying in Attraction Control Monthly from the beginning. Here’s the secret: remember how I mentioned above that dopamine can trigger testosterone? You probably already know by now that it’s so important for you as a woman to make a man feel like a man by being with you. I mean, being in romantic love actually makes a man feel like a man – take for example the high number of men who fall in love with the damsel in distress. Throughout history, men have developed as a part of their DNA, a drive to take care of women. Really, where would they be without women? Women carry the valuable eggs that help him send his genes in to the future.


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