This is the signal that shows that she’s capable of changing TO YOUR LIKING… When things with her may seem COMPLETELY hopeless. Why You Need To Know Maybe you’re in the friend zone… Maybe you want her back… Hell, maybe you’ve been in the sexless marriage zone for YEARS now… Either way there’s still hope… And this signal shows that she’s actually DESPERATE for you to know that! We women are taught to put up a MASSIVE front when it comes to “succumbing” to a man… Learn more at

And for women who feel very vulnerable…or who’ve been hurt badly in the past…or feel like they’ve been hurt badly by YOU already… They’ll usually take the exact OPPOSITE approach of showing how they feel by SHOWING you the exact opposite. What Happens If You Don’t Pick Up on This Signal If you don’t pick up on this signal you’ll just never get what you want out of the interaction with her or even out of the relationship all together… Plain and simple. Exactly What It Looks Like Because women are SOOOOO emotional…sometimes how they really feel can manifest in COMPLETELY opposite ways. For instance, when she REALLY REALLY loves you she might seem to REALLY hate you…but the underlying emotion is feelings of PASSION for you. Or if she’s COMPLETELY ignoring you the underlying motivation might be feeling COMPLETELY out of control for how she feels about you. Learn more at

Usually this signal is the exact OPPOSITE of what you’re looking for… So if you’re friends and she actually wants it to be more romantic she might talk badly about guys she’s dating or men in general… Or if she wants you back she might be EXTREMELY MEAN to you whenever you talk! Either way she usually acts the exact OPPOSITE when she’s most susceptible to being “turned around” by you. Luckily enough, turning things around in your sex and dating life is EXACTLY what the entire Speak To Spark Arousal program is all about. It’s about getting in the driver’s seat to take control and get what you want for yourself…and more importantly WHO you want for yourself. So don’t forget to refer back to your program to turn HER and your love life around starting NOW.

She’s Willing To Try ANYTHING…and WANTS You To! This is the signal that shows that she’s willing to be as freaky as you want…and is actually WAITING for you to kick up the heat in the bedroom! Why You Need To Know Most men REFUSE to acknowledge the extent of how sexual (their) girls are… And so “out of respect” they try to keep bedroom antics as PG as possible…without even realizing that their girl WANTS to be led into dirtier darker pastures! The only problem is, women aren’t necessarily ALLOWED to be the sexual aggressors… In fact VERY VERY FEW find this appealing if not repulsing of themselves to have to do.


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