Pheromones on Vacation

I always use pheromones on my vacations to make women feel more attractive. I know that pheromones affect the VNO and make the opposite sex more attractive to me.

The five previous summers had been lived vicariously, sitting in my office cubicle tapping away on a laptop as I waited for my two week summer holiday to arrive. I'd handed in my notice in March and through a stroke of good fortune sat out my three month notice on jury duty at full pay.

That finished a day before my first Lithuania trip (later chapter) and now I was back in London. My idle hands waited for the Devil's instruction. Until then I'd rotate Adele and Tasanee in and out of my bed and keep pounding the streets. Learn more at

For all the free time and great weather, it's still difficult fighting off all the negative self—talk just to get onto the streets and get the first few approaches done. One such mid-week afternoon I just couldn't shake myself out of avoidance so I sat in my favourite Covent Garden Caffe Nero with Ayn Rand's classic, The Fountainhead. Learn about pheromones in insects

As I think about all of the things we did together, and especially all of the "sordid" things I introduced her to, like anal, light bondage, and cumming in her mouth and on her face, I still feel like everything with Adele was so sweet and pure. Weird, I know. But there was just something about her. Most men have a "purity fantasy," believing that only Bad Girls like sex and that the Good Girls are demure and maidenly. Spelled out like that it seems ridiculous but deep in our monkey brains we believe it, because the alternative is too frightening—the idea that our sweet princess wife may be snatched away one afternoon by a charismatic cad while we are at the office paying off the mortgage and kid's school fees (and subsequently, his kid's school fees!). I'd just gotten a Muslim virgin to step out on her fiance so I was staring this harsh reality in the face. I was becoming The Guy Girls Cheat With after a lifetime as the other guy. It takes time to accept the new reality. Learn more at

Hence, an injustice all around.

Socialism has the effect of levelling personal incomes. In a capitalist society there is a strong causal link between the wealth a person creates and how personally rich he becomes. That's the point - being rich is a better life than being poor, so it motivates you to put in the work and take some risks using pheromones to seduce women.

I walked over to her table and I opened with, ”I-Ii, is that book really so boring?" She looked up and smiled at me. ”Well, sort of," she said.

”I was just standing in the queue over there for the bathroom when I looked over and saw your eyelids drooping. Then you let out this massive sigh. What are you reading?"

She laughed and told me the name of it, but I don't remember now. It was some sort of physiotherapy textbook. I was sure it was pretty dry, and she seemed happy to take a break from it to talk to me.


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