Pheromones make women excited

Pheromones make women excited. For a lot of guys, texting is a problem and they don’t realize how powerful of a tool it can be to getting more dates with girls. You just went through all of that work and you want to be able to maximize those experiences, so don’t let those numbers go down the drain your pheromone perfume .

Phone numbers have a time limit on them and the longer you wait, the less likely you’ll get a response. You’ve determined her logistics and felt the best possible thing to do was to get her number to see her another time. I created an entire guide on how to go from getting her phone number to the first date, how to prevent flakes from happening here, and included screenshots of real text messages from “hello” to “Hey, I’m outside.”

I set up all first dates via text. I rarely ever call a girl unless we’re already dating or in an existing relationship. Here’s what I’ve learned: if she’s 35 and under, then texting will yield the highest response with sexual pheromones. Learn more at and

 If she’s 35 or over, then a phone call is better. I do not text girls to build a relationship with them. It doesn’t work like that. You’re never going to text your way into a relationship. A phone number is just a tool to continue the adventure you had when you first met. The best way to build a relationship with someone is in person where you can communicate verbally, non-verbally, and physically escalate her pheromone production. Learn more at and

Some guys want to text and chat with a girl forever and ever. This does nothing except reduce your value over time. You have to move things forward and get off the phone and be with her to make anything happen. Two Scenarios: If you got her phone number early in the night, say between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m., then I’d assume she’s still out enjoying her night and I’ll simply text: “What are you doing?” Or… “Where are you?” I do this because I’m trying to meet up with her if she’s still out to continue the adventure.

This is usually pretty easy to do and when you meet up again, the dynamics have changed. You are coming to see her and it creates a sense of togetherness and her friends will welcome you to the group since you’re meeting up with her. You are now one big party if you brought your friends, as well, although solo is fine. The response rate to this is pretty high because she has high energy and wants to continue the party. If you get no response, then it’s not a big deal. It’s not over; just follow the next step here. The second scenario is if you got her number late in the night or at a time when it’s not possible to see her that same night which is going to be most of the time. You’re goal here is to quickly establish rapport, flirt, as quickly as possible, and then transition to asking her out to meet up in person.


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