Pheromones in London

I wanted her to engage emotionally and to admit to herself that she fancied me. Her return to London would only be a couple of nights using pheromones, so I couldn't afford to have her dance around pretending we were just friends. And, truth be told, I still wasn't confident of my competence to escalate a girl on a first date. My weak escalation had been queering a lot of good opportunities, such as the Lithuanian and Georgian stunners. The further I could move Mafalda on Facebook, the more confident I'd feel on the date itself with natural pheromone production.

It's ironic. I now have an international reputation as the pioneer of Long Game, a system to use Facebook chatting to move a girl from ”weak lead from the street" to ” gagging for sex". It's a highly effective system that has bagged me scores of girls who never realise that entering into that first Facebook chat is like falling into a spider's web. Mafalda was the first girl I developed these ideas with, and I did it from a position of insecurity.

Yes. I developed Long Game initially because I doubted my competence in escalating on the first date with sex pheromones. We talked for about ten minutes. Her name was Adele and this was her first trip to London, after an adolescence pining for a chance to visit the city of her dreams. She told me that her friend had come here on a short internship, and she was here visiting but only for the weekend. They had a lunch date for one o'clock, so I had two hours to make a lasting impression. Check out top pheromones for insect control and

"Do you want to go inside the gallery and see the paintings?” I asked her, pointing up the steps at the National Gallery. "Sure," she said and off we went. One thing about daygamers is we never really live the life we appear to from the outside. We're like simulacra. So a normal psychologically healthy person would be wandering around the gallery to absorb the atmosphere, pay attention to the detail in the paintings, perhaps read some liner notes about his favourite pieces. A healthy person would use the gallery as it's intended — to look at art and perhaps drink a coffee afterward to discuss the experience of natural pheromones. Learn more at

In contrast, I was thinking, ”this is an opportunity to bounce her from room to room, display some leading, initiate physical touch, and perhaps make some cheeky sexual comments about the pictures." I didn't give a toss about the paintings, I just feigned interest as an excuse for all the other stuff. We get into a similar bind on holiday- we're only there for the women and treat the parks, museums, and cafes as just a stage upon which to do the real performance. Learn more at

”Oh look at this one," I'd say and she'd either come over, or I'd take her hand and pull her in. At one point we started playing a game where we would make up silly background stories about the paintings. I was, of course, picking out the sexual ones. Just trying to give the sexual energy a head start, and then I would work on allowing it to gain momentum. We only stayed in the museum for about ten minutes or so before I said, "I'm bored, let's go."


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