Pheromones in Life

Pheromones are real. Just a second later, media and people everywhere on facebook were making outlandish statements like: ‘oh yeah, we could all look like that if we didn’t eat’. ‘Oh, we could all lose weight that fast if we had the money for liposuction and personal trainers.’

So, high value people have their fair share of haters. It comes with the territory. Even though people would naturally treat you better when you’re high value – the people who have not worked for their high value can bitch about you faster than you can say ‘huh?’ This is a reminder of exactly how important and prevalent the idea of high value really is. People are acutely aware of high value and high status; and whether or not they have it, and this is why you both get the best treatment, but it is also why people try to make themselves feel better by bringing you down with natural pheromone cologne .

These people are missing one clear point however: becoming high value is not just GIVEN to you. You work for it. People like this really don’t GET that it’s all about your standards. They don’t GET that you worked your ass off for something. Why? Because they’re done it themselves. Learn more at

They don’t know all the little details that are required to make a success of yourself in a certain area of life, whether that be obtaining a nice figure, or nice skin, a great career or a great husband. So don’t expect everybody to be able to give credit for your high value or your achievements with pheromone attraction. They don’t get it. They just see what they see and automatically feel some emotion and REACT. Remember it’s all about your personal standards for yourself. Low value people have low  standards for themselves: they demand little from themselves and make excuses for everything that’s wrong in their lives. They make excuses for why they haven’t done something or for why they feel depressed. High value people (like you) do not. And it’s your standards that will help you build higher and higher value faster and faster acting pheromones.

If You Are Low Value in Life…

If you don’t take this whole high value idea seriously, then here are the potential problems that you will encounter. People will treat you badly, regardless of where, when, what and how. People will think less of you, less of your abilities, and less of your worth. Others will try NOT to be around you, and not to associate with you, because they also know that you are a low value, low status individual of pheromones.

In the professional arena, you will find it difficult to find a secure job, get a raise, and overall you will find it difficult to look after yourself. In your love life, this gets even worse. You will find it incredibly difficult to find a man who is emotionally mature and responsible. In fact, if you hold yourself as low value, I would say that it’s absolutely impossible to attract a man who will take care of your pheromones.

 Instead, the kinds of men that you will most likely attract are those men who are flimsy, who are wishy-washy, low status men themselves. Men who lack confidence, who lack ambition, who lack resources and lack a sense of high self worth. And not to mention you would attract those types of men who just prey on women, women only for sex and then disappear and never to be seen ever again.


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