Pheromones give you the edge

Pheromones give you the edge you have always wanted. Work on building up your social profile by snapping a few photos when you’re out with friends every now and then. A lot of guys with social lives don’t take the ten seconds to capture it. Before you fire off a text, spend another ten seconds reviewing your text and ask yourself,: “Is this the most value that I have to offer? “How can I make this even better?”

Spend maybe ten seconds being creative, yet no more than a minute. You don’t need to bang your head against the wall coming up with the world’s greatest text, but just be more conscious of what you’re sending out. Overtime, you’ll naturally develop the skill and have the right thing to so say the majority of the time with natural human pheromones. Learn more at

Remember, there isn’t just one way to get a great response and to setup a date; there’s millions, so relax and be yourself. I promise if you do that while following the steps above, you will be a rock star at turning phone numbers into dates. When to send texts? Send your value giving texts Tuesday - Saturday and on Sunday or Monday evening is when I start working toward logistics and setting up a date for that same week. I rarely try to setup a date on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday for the following week. I find it easier when you set up the date just a few days out. To recap: Value giving texts on Tuesday - Saturday between 12 p.m. – 12 a.m. Logistics and setting up the date Sunday and Monday between 4 p.m. - 10 p.m. You don’t need to follow this to the tee, but use this as a guideline when first starting out. These dates and times have yielded me very high results so use them. Learn more at

It is the Pheromones Resistance from Her to Reply Back If she rarely responds back to you or if she takes days to get back to you, then you may have had a poor first interaction that didn’t give her enough to want to see you again in person. Or, if you had a great interaction, then something is going on in her personal life that is out of your control. When her best friend texts her, do you think she takes three days to get back to her or has some weird excuse to why she takes so long to return a text? She’s perfectly fine and is seeing your texts, but is choosing to not respond promptly. If that’s the case, then stop texting her for a few days. Do not bombard her with multiple frustrated texts if she is not getting back to you. This will ensure that she does not get back to you at all and you will lose her. Learn more at and

You have to respect yourself and your time. Most guys would get upset and start texting her mean things or would take this really personally as an ego hit, but just relax when using powerful pheromone perfumes for men.


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