Pheromones For All

Since most girls seek status you can instantly give yourself more status by going outside of your class. If you’re middle class you will find it easier to attract working class girls.
Occasionally the opposite is true.

If you’re working class and have a bad boy persona you can get upper class girls when they seek you out to “have a taste of danger” and/ or to piss off their fathers.

Pre-selection: Find two female friends to go with you wherever you go. As you lead them around you instantly become more desirable to other girls who adore human pheromones.

Inside information: Approaching one of your attractive girl friends and ask her about what works on her and what doesn’t when guys are trying to seduce her. Learn more at and

This is a quick way to sort the BS, hype, and other nonsense from what really works.

Remember: You are not asking her what she thinks will work, just what guys have tried on her and whether or not it worked with cheaper pheromones.

Whenever she says a guy was a d-bag or loser have her explain what she means.
“What makes them losers/d-bags?”
“What specifically where they saying and doing?”
For example guys who go from being cool guys to highly sexual with no comfort between.

Another example is guys who would be successful with whatever seduction method they are using, but verbalize their insecurities with pheromone users.

Or guys who attempt to make her care about what he is telling her [or qualify herself] without first getting her attracted to him for the most powerful pheromones.

If she isn’t invested Why should she care?

Inoculating Pheromones

Sometimes there are situations that you seemingly have no control over.

A lesser man accepts and makes excuses for why he can’t get the girl in these situations, while the seducer knows it is only a matter of approach pheromones.

Like getting a flu shot to prevent the flu there are certain things you can do to inoculate against some of the biggest issues you will face.

Attractive girls almost always have a boyfriend.
Most men think it’s over after they find out she has a boyfriend so they give up. To make matter worse they complain that all the best girls are taken.
Well, duh.

That’s what makes them the best girls.

Just because she has a boyfriend doesn’t mean all is well or that she isn’t looking for something better.

The only time a girl with a boyfriend is off limits is when she’s in a truly loving relationship and the only way to find this out is to approach her like you would any other girl.

Her friends might try to cook block you with his terrible pheromone scents.

Sometimes her friends think they know what is best for her, while other times they’re an annoyance to both you and her.


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