Pheromones Eternity

(There’s the key point – it must be automatic, and not through your logical convincing) So let me give you an example. When I say the word “chocolate”, what are the automatic feelings that come up from within you? Do you get this warm feeling in your gut that craves it? Or perhaps you’re kind of neutral to chocolate so you don’t feel much emotion when the topic of chocolate comes up. Which type of love has been the most prevalent in your past pheromone relationships?

Ok, good. Now think of a 3 legged concrete donkey. Ok, let’s go back to that memory of the euphoria and excitement. Think about and focus on what was really exciting about that moment. What did that moment smell like pheromones? Learn more at and

Really, go back and enter that moment as if it is a moment of eternity and would never end. Who was with you? What did your body feel like? Now again, think of a 3 legged concrete donkey. Ok, stop and let’s think of another memory of joy and feeling connected and loved. What’s happening in this moment? Who’s there? Who’s giving you love in that moment? How are you breathing in that moment of human pheromones? Learn more at and

What were you focusing on in that particular moment? Now think of a 3 legged concrete donkey showing up in that moment of sex pheromones. What this exercise does; is to show you how associations work by helping you associate great feelings with something obscure like a 3 legged concrete donkey. So from now on: 3 legged concrete donkey EQUALS the euphoric feeling inside of you. Does that make sense? The key here is for you to feel great inside, then mention this 3 legged concrete donkey, again and again whilst you’re in that state of feeling great. This is exactly what you have to do in your own relationship on a regular basis of pheromones.

Just replace the 3 legged concrete donkey with YOU and the relationship. You want your man to have the same kind of EPAs with you and your relationship together. As well as this – you need to build up these associations within yourself whenever you have bad moments and need the pheromone RESOURCES to bring more to the relationship table.

Feel great, and focus on your partner, again and again, to reinforce the positive associations. This puts YOU in a state where you can influence and impact your man and your relationship positively. It’s easy just to start thinking ‘oh, he’s always so distant’ he’s not romantic anymore!’ And sure enough….wherever you focus, your feelings start to surface. You start feeling unloved, ungrateful and bad with cheap pheromones.

But really, if you truly made the effort to focus on it: your man (if you currently are in a relationship) has probably done lots of wonderful things that have made you feel great in the past. Doesn’t he deserve love for what he has already given you even though he’s not at his best in the relationship right now? Now here’s the problem with creating EPAs in your relationship that so many couples fall into. These couples try and rely on their relationship as the source of the EPAs, and the reason for this is that the relationship is usually so exciting at the start… But if you’ve been in a long term relationship, then you’d know what usually happens after a few months or years. The attraction slowly disappears. It’s no longer as exciting. That “newness” to the other person wears off.


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