Pheromones can be found online

Pheromones can be found online. If I have a dead phone number from a girl, then the goal is to just get a response of some type. I usually send her something wild like: “Whoa I just saw your twin at the mall!” “So, you fainted from the excitement of getting my texts? Totally understandable. Text me when you wake up : )” “Your responses are too fast for me. Slow down speedy!” These yield a very high response rate from women in that order of pheromone scent production. Learn more at and

Right now, you can go through your phone and text that to a few girls and you’ll get some heromone attraction responses. Once you get a response, revert back to adding value and restart the process. If you don’t get a response at all, then you have to move on, that’s it and you have to be able to move on from that otherwise this game will crush you. You can see real text message conversations from “hi” to “hey, I’m outside” in my Rules of pheromone usage. Learn more at and

Handling Pheromone Logistics and Setting Up the Date

You want to setup a time and date when the two of you are going to meet. The easiest thing for me has always been happy hour, yogurt, coffee in that order and your first date should always be one-on-one with your pheromones via the VNO.

 Avoid inviting someone out to a social event on the first date, like a barbeque or pool party, when you haven’t really established anything between the two of you just yet. When you feel the flirting is going well and you’ve amped her up via text, then let’s get the logistics figured out and setup a date. Asking her out: “Hey, let’s do something fun this week.” “Hey, let’s do something fun tonight.” “Let’s grab yogurt this week.” “Let’s do happy hour this week.” “Let’s hangout this week.” “I’m thinking of grabbing a (coffee or drink) somewhere. Wanna join?” “Let’s get lunch somewhere.” “Let’s do something fun and simple this week.” “I’m thinking of having dinner for my last meal of the day. You thinking the same?” Basic format: “Let’s do (happy hour, coffee, yogurt or some activity that is $20 or less) this week.” Notice how I’m not asking to hang out with her; I’m telling her this is what we should do. This gives her the choice of saying either “yes,” or “no,” and when her emotions are amped up from a good text message exchange, she’s more likely to say, “yes.” If she does respond with a positive statement or seeing you in person, then I go right into logistics and give her two options that work You have to make this as painless as possible and reduce any friction of trying to coordinate a date and time. Logistics “Cool, I can do Tuesday or Wednesday evening, which one works for you?” Right there that statement has yielded me more dates than anything ever. What’s interesting is I’ve rarely ever had a girl tell me she can’t do any of those times and then ask for more options. She’ll respond with some positive statement which means keep going or a on hold statement on how you produce more pheromones.


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