Pheromones are everywhere

The Grounded Man does not need a woman by his side to be able to go out on the town and have a good time. He can do this on his own or with friends or acquaintances he’s built with people who share his similar values. There are guys out there who can take action and get girls in the short term for human pheromones, but they don’t have the lifestyle to keep her in the long term. Girls can sense when something is missing in a man’s life and they don’t want to feel like they’re the only thing that is important to him because pheromones just make sense.

Pheromones are everywhere. Although women want to be the only important thing in a man’s life, at her core, she doesn’t really want to be. She’ll never tell you this, but she doesn’t want to be the main reason why you get up in the morning. Rather, she wants you to live your purpose, your values, and have your own life outside of hers. She wants to come along for the adventure. A man with a strong social life is an attractive man, so here’s an easy strategy to build such a life of likeminded people: Start with one to three friends (or even acquaintances) and decide on a fun social activity like football night, a BBQ, game night, sushi night, a cocktail party, a pool party, or just something fun. Each guy needs to text/call and invite three people, preferably two girls for every one guy who loves his human pheromone spray. Learn more at and

Let them know they can bring a friend, too. The first event will be a test run and should be more laid back for about 5-10 people. Let everyone know at the event that you’ll be doing the same thing next week or something similar and they are all invited. Instruct them to invite at least two more people for the next event. Your second event should have around 8-12 people, then you should lather, rinse, and repeat. Within a month, you’ll have around 15-20 people at your social outings. Continue this pattern every week with a fun social event. It doesn’t need to cost much if everyone pitches in and brings food and drinks. Over time, you’ll be throwing events and social activity. Learn more at and

You really have no excuses as to why you can’t build a social life. You just need to be more proactive about putting yourself out there, taking on a leadership role, and organizing events that will eventually turn into something much bigger in the future.

What’s great is this is a good way to meet women since you are the host of the party and are seen as man in a leadership role. People think you know everyone since you’re hosting, but in reality, you’re just getting to know everyone who loves pheromones.

You’re not only meeting women every weekend, but you’re doing something fun on a weekly basis which is healthy for your overall sense of well-being. If you were to do this for three months, how much fun would you have? Imagine doing it for one year? You know the answer, so get started and have some fun with sex pheromones.


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