Pheromones are the chemicals

Always Be Having Fun “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience of pheromones.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt Having fun is about making yourself feel good with your thoughts, words, and actions.

Pheromones are the chemicals we use to increase our production.

“Hey, I don’t like that guy. He’s too much fun,” said no one ever. The world is tough, challenging, and for many people, boring. Be the light that radiates joy and positive energy into everyone around you. A lot of guys go up to girls, say something, and then wait for the response. Is it going to be good, is it going to be bad? If it’s good, then I’ll feel good. If it’s bad, I’ll feel bad when I use cheap pheromones. Learn more at and and

The big ah hah moment is whatever you feel, she feels. This goes back to having fun. If you’re having fun, she’s having fun. If you’re feeling insecure about the interaction, she’s feeling insecure and can’t trust you. Without trust, there’s simply no attraction. If the band AC/DC is on stage, do you think they care if there are a few people who aren’t loving the particular song they’re playing?

 Absolutely not! They’re going to play as hard as they can no matter what. They’re performing for themselves and expressing who they are through their music. It’s like, “This is me. These are my thoughts on human pheromones. These are my values. Take it!” What if they played a song and were like, “Wait a minute, guys... did you like that part? Should I have played more of the C chord there?

 What do you think audience?” No, they play it, own it, jump up and down on the stage, and the audience loves it, too. You may not even like rock and roll, but you can surely appreciate the fact that they love what they do. They are putting on a show whether you like it or not and that’s how you need to live your life, as well. This is how you’re interactions can be for sex pheromones.

You’re so engaged that it makes others get involved, as well. You bring so much fun and energy into your life that you don’t even need the girls. If you’re amusing yourself, you’re pursuing what you want to do to have fun. You’re not trying to have fun for the girls you’re doing it for you true pheromone production. Women can sense you’re doing it solely for you. It puts you into a great mood; you’re very relaxed and arousing to those around you. Women are drawn to the fun, self amused guy who can let go. Being stifled, boring, or dull can be the death of any interaction with a woman. Actually, scratch that… I mean life. Amuse yourself through your own boredom with positive intentions. Learn more at

 Do not seek a reaction from the girls when you’re self-amusing. Just be you. Simply go up and amuse yourself right in front of a girl. You’re not trying to make her laugh. You’re trying to entertain yourself. Because you dominate the reality, she gets drawn into your midst and what you think is funny, so does she.

 See how that works? Life is a stage. Everything you do presents you with an opportunity to attract or repel somebody else. Don’t wait for her to entertain you. 


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