Pheromones Approach

Pulling out my cell phone I tell her to put her number in since my friend doesn’t have a cell and I will have him copy it down later. with natural pheromone concern

She quotes The Princess Bride again and says, “As you wish.” It’s cute.

Then she introduces us to her friends. They are all co-workers who stopped by for happy hour and just stayed.

Her friends are boring. A chubby bald black guy is talking to me about his job and it’s SO boring.

It feels like he’s going to talk forever when the red haired girl rescues my friend and I by suggesting that it’s getting late. Learn more about pheromones at

They leave.

We’re in high spirits from the first warm-up approach so I go straight up to the guy who was fighting with his girlfriend a moment ago.

Might not be the greatest idea in the world, but I’m confident I can turn it around.
I open the guy with my state breaking curiosity opener [opener #6].
I say, “Wow, I cannot believe she just did that.”
They look at me for a moment seemingly confused. I wait. Then she says, “You can’t believe what?” “What you just did. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you anyway.”
“What? What?”

“Oh, it was nothing...I think it’s cute how you scrunch up your face when you take a sip from your drink.”

“’s a fruity-sour girlie drink. I’m more of a beer girl.” She has dark brown hair halfway down her neck and a cute face of pheromone useage. Learn more at

The girl is wearing a scoop-neck tee that shows off her cleavage, a necklace with a large charm dangling from it [a turtle with a swirled design on its shell], and jeans. She has an athletic rurmers build. Learn more at

The guy is about twice her age dressed in business casual and is going gray early but uses pheromones to increase attraction.

I turn to the guy and say, “Congrats on landing the trophy wife.”
Thenl give him a high five.
Iput up my hand to have her give me a high five too and say, “Awesome.” She goes for it and I pull my hand away so she’ll miss.
She nearly falls off her stool into me. “Ha, ha. Got you!”

The girl laughs and I help her back into position as I sit down across from her. Looking over at my fiiend he gets the idea and sits down across from the guy who loves pheromones.

Athletic girl puts her hand on her boyfriend’s shoulder and says, “Oh, he’s not my husband.” Boyfriend- girlfriend, rocky relationship, okay I think, sounds good to go.
I smile and say, “I noticed you have an interesting accent where are you from?”
She’s originally from New Zealand and I end up riffing on the way she says certain things. I’m teasing her and we talk about our travels.

Whenl get the sense it’s turning into more of a sassy twenty questions sort of thing from her I ask, “Oh my God, what are we on Chelsea Handler?”

She loves that show and it gets a great reaction.


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