Pheromone Solution: Have amazing skills

He is spitefiil and has no problem making you look like an idiot at all costs because he knows what’s best for his Bff.

The first time I encountered the gay friend blocker I got shutdown hard.

Pheromone Solution: Have amazing skills. Call him out when he’s being overly dramatic or bitchy. Appeal to the girl to see if it’s what she wants. Sometimes she simply won’t speak up against her friend until someone asks her.

4. The Orbiter: This is the guy that is attracted to her, but she isn’t attracted to him.

He’s incredibly nice in case, you know, she suddenly decides to sleep with him. Sometimes he’s an actual friend and other times he’s just some guy she keeps around for the ego boost/ free drinks. The
more attractive girls collect human pheromones.

Solution: Proceed as you normally would. It takes some effort to get past some orbiters. The guys who are truly her friends you’ll want to befriend.

Otherwise talk about how he’s a really nice guy and while he’s off buying the girl another drink you slip off into the night with her.

Sometimes this guy doesn’t get it through his head and you can come right out and say to the girl, “You’re never going to fiick this guy, are you?”

After she agrees you’ll never see him again with cheap pheromones according to

Other times when he sees you’re getting somewhere with the girl he wants he’ll become upset and try to start a fight.

Try pointing out to him [and her] how ridiculous he’s behaving and that you’re all fiiends, but if that’s how he feels you’ll leave.

It’s too bad she’s going to lose out. She’ll shut the guy down and you can get her number before taking off his pheromone spray.

5. The Man-hater: Usually these blockers are her less attractive or heavyset friends. Sometimes it’s the girl who just got dumped because his pheromones sucked.

They know it isn’t likely that they’re getting laid so nobody’s going to get laid.

Solution: Get yourself a good vulture man [a wingman who will sleep with anyone] to take one for the team

Be nice to her and attempt to include her even though it probably won’t work.

Have the girl you are seducing stand up for herself and tell her friend to back off.

6. The “Girls’ Night Out” Group: These girls are the group of girls who go out to have fim without guys. Sure they’ll entertain a guy here and there, but they all came together and they are all going to leave together with greater pheromones.

Solution: If you’re at the club you can do a funny dance in the middle of the group dancing with each girl for a short while on human pheromones.

At the bar you, or one of your wingmen, has to talk to and get the approval of their leader. Your best bet is to get a phone number or sneak off to the bathroom with one of the girls who love his pheromones.

As long as you know you aren’t going to get one of them to go home with you it’ll work out.


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