Pheromone Qualifications

Pheromone Qualifications:

Why should you listen to me?

Over 6 years of online dating experience with up to 50% success.
Over 6 years of social circle game experience with up to 40% success. Over 10 years of cold approach [direct and indirect] game experience. Several years of learning from natural seducers.
Experience with traditional dating systems since 2005.
I sold products to women that cost up to $100,000 per sale.
And years of experience with my own system that’s constantly being refined.

All told that comes out to over a decade’s worth of experience across half of the major geographic areas of the United States. In that time I’ve traveled widely and dated across many races, ethnicities, sub-cultures, professions, and age groups.

So you KNOW this will work for you!

To put this in perspective for you most “seduction gurus” and dating coaches are ONLY successfully hooking up about 10% to 20% of the time.

And what’s Worse is your regular guy on the street is ONLY successfully getting laid 1% to 5% of the time! Learn more at


Here’s a small taste of what you are about to learn:

Do you know the TWO things all Alpha males have in common? (Learn what makes some special men constantly in demand with the most desirable, sex-crazed women on the planet!)

Direct vs. Indirect: Seduction pros have known for years how to easily home in on the “sweet spot” between these two styles and they know how to teach this amazing process to regular guys just like you...but they NEVER do. Why? Because they want to keep all the best good-giving- and game women for themselves, that’s why. They’re like some mystical Zen master, who refiises to teach you the secrets of life’re “ready”. So, how do you find out if you’re “ready” to learn these secrets? Come read page...

You will be able to quickly “connect” with women on a deep level that makes them fall completely in love with you! (No one will be “out of your league” anymore!)

Your lover will be so astonished you finally understand her unspoken needs (and actually seem to be “reading her mind”), that she will open herself to you and lavish you with affection! (You can instantly become the “Dream Guy” she’s been longing for...even if you don’t really understand why she does what she does.)

You will never again be blindsided by arguments, misunderstandings, or mood swings that come out of nowhere! (lrnmediately passing her “shit” tests and rendering them a moot point.)

How to make sure YOU’RE the guy who makes her feel like you know her better than anyone else in the world...even better than her own family! (You’ll understand what sort of communication style she prefers, topics she can easily grasp, and poorly understood topics you shouldn’t discuss with her. Plus: How to deal with girls who have low self-esteem)

Why 99% of guys FAIL at seduction and how to guarantee that NEVER happens to you.

How to meet and instantly “click” with a beautiful woman! (She’ll never realize you’re using her own body language and fashion sense to quickly “read her” and slip into the attraction zone.)

The best way to gain inner confidence talking to women and have success after success. (Hint: Confidence by results, is the most commonly taught method by the pros...BUT it’s a trap that can lead you to the dark end of the street and throw you into an existential crisis - a living hell fiom which you may never return. Learn this little known way to bypass all those dangers and keep it from happening to you!)

Ego Shocker #17: Discover the meaning of life and how to be happy! (No, this isn’t some foo- foo, new age mystical BS. It’s a straightforward; make no-bones-about-it solution fiom point A to B. I promise you your priest or shrink has NEVER told you about this. And it can...


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