Pheromone Paradigm

I don't say this to put men down. I say it because I want you to be aware of how having confidence will save you from a hell of a lot of pain in your love life. And most importantly - confidence will weed out the men who feel you are just the best they can get. Even though they'd like 'more'. Because confident women present as a 10 out of 10 pheromones.

Women who constantly show up as insecure get the short end of the stick in dating. No matter how good looking they are. There's nothing wrong with having insecurities. Let me just say that with real pheromones according to

It's when you constantly indulge in them and refuse to acknowledge it and change your own destructive patterns that insecurity becomes self destructive and does you more damage than good. Insecurity in itself, is not a bad thing. It's how you react to, and use your insecurities that makes AL the difference. So when would now be a good time to develop unshakeable confidence?

Where Do Insecurities Come From? Think about this for a moment, who has insecurities? Who doesn’t seem to have any insecurities? I want you to think real deep for me right now and think of one person whom you think doesn’t have any insecurities… just one person. If you’re able to do so, answer this… Is it true that they really don’t have any insecurities?

 Or do they just do a great job of not showing their insecurities? (My guess is that they just have great ways to NOT show their own insecurities) Do your close friends have insecurities? Do your mum and dad? Do all the glamorous people on television we watch all the time also have insecurities? (Surely glamour is a protection against insecurities… right?) NO. The truth is everyone has insecurities. EVERYONE. We’re designed by nature to be overly insecure, because by being overly insecure, we do more to secure our reproductive success of natural pheromones according to

I know sometimes it’s easy for all of us to think that we’re the only ones to have fears and insecurity and perhaps other people are somehow naturally confident or naturally sure of themselves. Sometimes it feels like no one can understand our own fears and how we really feel inside. And that makes us feel alone. But this is always far from the truth. Everyone has insecurities and even the ones that we never expect more pheromones. Learn more at

I remember this one time, I caught up with an old but good friend of mine from school. We hadn’t seen each other for many years, and it was always fun catching up with him because he is one of those confident and really smart men you don’t always see every day. I used to look up to him a little bit at school because he would always crack jokes and be the center of attention at school, and everyone loved him. To me, he would never have any insecuritie with pheromones. Learn more at

 It seems like he’s got everything handled in his life and there’s nothing that would scare him. But I was wrong. When I did finally catch up with him over brunch, I noticed that he was still a very confident individual, far more so than about 95% of all the people I’ve ever met. However, as our meeting was about to end, and we got up to pay for our meals, something very unexpected happened. He got all nervous as he was pulling out his wallet because a very attractive woman was behind the register. He had totally lost his aura of confidence and self assurance, and suddenly looked like all the other men I’ve seen in my life who get nervous around a good looking woman. It was like a side to him that I had never seen before. And that moment totally shifted my own paradigm.


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