Pheromone Language

Spoken language is a recent development in the long evolution of humans. Given that humans have been mating since before the first grammatically correct sentences were ever uttered, the necessary logical conclusion is that words don't mean much. Most of seduction happens at the level of  pheromone communication. It's the how you say, not the what.

The old adage "Actions speak louder than words" comes into play often with daygame. Most men are terrified of approaching a woman because they get so hung up on what they're going to say. "Will I sound like an idiot?" "Will she like me?" They agonize over these details to the extent of missing the point altogether. You pull a girl with your vibe, first and foremost with natural pheromones. Words are mostly bullshit. People say what they think others want to hear, or what they think people expect them to, or what they think sounds cool. When a man is hitting on a woman, especially if she's a hot one, chances are that she's heard it all before. Learn more at

The thing that is going to grab her attention most is his presentation. How does he carry himself? What kind of intonation does he have in his voice? Does he sound sincere or like he's just spouting more bullshit? She's going to look at your body language, the angle of your head, the look in your eyes, and that's what's going to impress upon her emotional decision—making.

Be glad. This is what makes it possible to seduce girls who don't really speak your language. Now with that being said, ”possible” does not mean ”easy”. It's hard work to move such a girl from open to lay. Once your vibe is ”on", the girl who would've given you the no-speaky—English routine suddenly becomes extremely conscientious in understanding you, making the most of her limited vocabulary and creatively employing gestures.

I pushed the door open and dragged her in. She stumbled inside the stall, giggling quietly. As I slid the bolt, I could hear her breathing heavily. She was standing with her back against the wall, looking at me with huge hungry eyes. So I walked over and kiss her hard. Within a minute, I'd turned her around, bent her over, and scored my notch. Learn about insect sex pheromones behaviour and

It was fast and dirty. Within fifteen minutes, we were back at our table finishing our drinks. My heart was still beating fast at the sheer audacity of what I had done. Her eyes were still wide in disbelief. She kept grinning. She told me she was nineteen years old. We talked a little while and then separated.

We never saw each other again. My inexperience of using human pheromones showed as I fumbled things a little. I texted my friends on our way. I was still fairly new to all of this, and I wasn't ready to rely on myself as much as I do now. I wanted them to talk me up to her if they were there. We alighted the bus and bought a few beers at the Turkish grocery down my street, the owners of which got to witness a parade of girls over the three years Ilived there. Then, back at my place, I gave her a thoroughly unnecessary tour of the house.


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