Pheromone Hierarchy

(I don’t suggest you go and intentionally leak a sex pheromone of yourself out there in hope to gain popularity, it’s probably going to backfire on you and get you the kind of popularity that you never wanted.)

So it’s imperative that we learn something from Paris Hilton and give ourselves the incredible benefits that come from presenting ourselves as high value, and high status. I know that perhaps this topic seems superficial. And if you talk to your friends about it, they might brush it off as being superficial as well. It’s not a comfortable topic, but that’s why we feel the need to talk about it. Because though we don’t want to admit it, this kind of hierarchy exists in the world of human pheromones. Learn more at and

And if you do bring the topic up with people, be careful, because it can really trigger people’s feeling that they are not enough. EVEN IF you do not feel you discriminate against people, and even if you think it’s nasty – the truth is that the tendency to respond differently to people who present to us as high value is wired in to us, the same way as the tendency to respond differently to people who present themselves as LOW value is wired in to us who love pheromones. Learn more at

This is an extreme example, but think about this for a minute. If you’re walking along the street, and a drunk man with greasy hair, a missing tooth, old clothes and a depressed looking face walked towards you, would you be more likely to move a little further to the side or try to walk around him? Of course. Your subconscious mind has already made assumptions about this man; those pheromone assumptions of which may be many, but they world basically add up to mean one thing: low value of human pheromones.

On the other hand, if the exact same man washed his hair, brushed his teeth, fixed his tooth, put on some cologne, stood tall and full of purpose and walked past you in a SUIT – are you likely to try and move a little to the side when walking past him? Which man are you more likely to give to if they were to ask you if you had a spare 50 cents? The same man in the suit, or the same drunk man who has a missing tooth? Who would you be more willing to forge a friendship with? It would be far easier to give to the same man in the suit who is scrubbed up, because you know he’s far less likely to EXTRACT value from your life, because he already IS high value. Learn more at

Pheromones are high value

The same man in the suit presents as higher value, so you perceive that this man has more value to add to YOUR life. Does this make sense? See, this is not just about being judgmental. We all have a judgmental part to our personality anyway. It’s about what our ancestors did for millions of years to better their survival. They had to avoid danger, progress socially and have high value in order to ensure their own survival and to ensure better quality, healthier offspring. It’s the fact of how it works. And we have to accept it and be grateful for the awareness if we want to better the quality of our relationships, and better understand how to succeed in our love life (and our life overall).


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