Pheromone Day Seduction

Seduction during the day focuses more on gathering information and having a quality conversation. Basic Direct [Day] Questions: “What are you doing in [place]?”
This allows you to estimate how much time you have to talk.
If she’s in a rush you can take her number and call her later with those pheromones.
If she’ s out shopping or not doing anything in particular you can accompany her going on a quick date. “What sort of career do you have?”

This question allows her talk about what she does for work or if she’s a student [and What she aspires to become].

“What do you do for fun?”
Lets you figure out if you have anything in common and gives you ideas for dates. You can start with, “What you’re doing in this place?”
Then ask her what she’s up to today.
Or reverse it by asking her and then telling her what you’re up to.
Remember: Listen for conversational crumbs you can use to guide the conversation on how her pheromones work.

When you approach a stranger chances are she’s going to be put on guard by your approach at first. As time goes on she’ll warm up to your approach. Learn more at and

“I Like” - Approach-Question:

This leading and questioning style allows you to talk about something you’re passionate about and then link it to favorable personality traits of a pheromone user.

At the same time it allows you to find out if you share interests.

You: “I like people who [do something]. I love to [do that thing]. People who [the thing] just seem [an admirable trait] and [another admirable trait].

Do you like to [do the thing you’ve been talking about]?”

For example: “I like people who travel. I love to travel. People who travel just seem more adventurous and nonjudgmental. Do you like to travel?”

By linking a love for travel to the traits of being adventurous and nonjudgmental it makes her act in those ways if she agrees with your true pheromones.

Pheromone Information Gathering:

Remember: Seduction during the day hinges on her giving you information and you giving her relevant information in return that adds to the conversation.

Let’ s say you think she’ s from somewhere else and you say, “I bet you aren’t from around here.” She tells you where she is from [Seattle]. You then relate that to your life somehow.

You: “That’s cool. My friend [name] lives in Seattle. I only visited her once, but I really liked the city.” Learn more at

Then you can ask her what she’ s doing in the place you are in currently. You: “So, what brings you to Portland?”

Her: “Oh, I’m on vacation.” So now you relate that back to her by showing your approval or attraction. You: “I love to travel. People who travel just seem more adventurous and nonjudgmental.”

Relate it back to your life by telling her the last place you traveled and continue with the conversation fiom there pheromone usage.

Her: “That is so true.”

You: “I remember when I went to San Francisco. I had such a good time. Where else have you traveled?”

Remember: With seduction during the day focus more on comfort, gaining rapport, fun, and withholding a bit [to add mystery].


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