Pheromone dating gurus

The elite of the seduction World aren’t particularly keen on sharing their secrets.

Truthfully We laugh at PATHETIC so-called dating gurus and master pickup artists.

So, Why aml sharing? Why now?
Good question about pheromones.
Well, within the next few years l’ll be settling down.
And I don’t have any children to pass on my treasure chest of secrets to... So, I’m letting my secrets go.
And you’re the big Winner!

You will be amazed at how easy and effortless this really is once you “crack the code” and get excited about finally gaining the keys to success.

Why if you let this one little thing get to you it’ll turn an otherwise successful approach into an awkward and painful experience with pheromone sprays. And how to make sure it never happens to you. Learn more about pheromones at

 Do you have to be smart or witty to make women fall for you? (You’ll be surprised to find out your big brain is actually hurting you!) The single most important factor determining if you will be successfiil in love is...

You know a girl is in “heat” when...(8 ways to spot women looking for sex. Plus: Two surprisingly common situations that’ll make sure you’re the one she goes home with...even if she finds you unattractive pheromones!)

The biggest thing direct approach gurus and dating coaches are doing wrong. (This simple mistake guarantees the most drop-dead gorgeous women are forever out of reach. Learn this one strange trick that goes against the “standard wisdom” out there and you’ll exponentially expand the quantity and quality of the women you date!)

Four ways to gain an unfair advantage over more experienced guys. These secrets to “Easy Attraction” are painless...and yet the rewards will blow your mind. See page...

How to turn around situations you have no control over...if she has a boyfriend, friends who get in the way, good-looking, rich guys who want to steal her away and from being your own worst enemy. (Learn how to reduce “Flaking” behavior and never get stood up again! Plus: How to quickly and easily deal with the Top 16 Cock Blockers!)

The #1 trait women look for in men. (What it is and how to make sure you avoid these three things that instantly put you in her mental category of all the other losers she has met before with these pheromones.)

How to use a rr1aster-level technique called “Callback Linking” to trigger overwhelming desire in her making her think of you when you’re not even around. (Watch out! This powerful technique will cause her to lose all control...even if she’s dating another guy!)

Understanding this key difference in humor types guarantees your jokes will never fall flat again. (Are you already guilty of turning her off and you don’t even know it? Find out!)

Forget the heavy lifting. A quick and effective way to get her to chase after effort required.

Advanced pheromone material seduction gurus keep carefully hidden...And why even if you MASTER their system you’ll never be as good as they are. (Simple shortcuts that allow you to identify and

bed the four major types of women found in everyday life. Get the passionate, over—the-top sex life that would shock your friends! So easy, you can start using these tips to “pull like a pro” the NEXT TIME you go out.)


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