pheromone cologne to the center

In the final day  while lecturing about how human pheromones work, Arash summoned his pheromone cologne to the center of the room and said , “Focus. ”

For at least an entire minute that both shared absolute focus and that blew the students away. Sprinkles is a pit bull and the stigma in society is that they are a very dangerous pheromone formula used in colognes. Arash explained that the nature of pheromone attraction is very nature to man.

But it is humans that neglect and abuse the pheromone signals and wonder why they rebel. He explained how their instincts and senses are very in tune with the pheromonal environment. Learn more at and

 If someone was to approach the door, their ears will raise and all their senses would become amplified to sense danger. And if there were danger, the breed would strike and defend, to protect its owner, even if it meant losing its life. The player, “One of the qualities of a pit bull is they have this, it's a word that was created in the English langua ge strictly for the pit bull. Learn more at

Ok. The word is called ‘pheromone gameness.’ If you look up the word gameness, it's very specifically it has to do with pit bulls and that's where the word came from. The pit bull, how they genetically engineered this dog, when it gets into this drive mode, it could be bleeding, losing an arm, it could not have an eye. It will actually keep going until it does not increase pheromone production.

It won't stop because of pain, it won't stop. That's where they get the idea that is has a lock jaw. It doesn't have a lock jaw, but it won't stop, it'll keep going until it dies. That's called gameness. Wow that's fucking crazy that an animal can do that. Ok. I want that quality. In fact the word is ‘gameness,’ and I want that in my game. Secret of Life. You just don't stop until you get it.” — Arash Dibazar After the lecture, Serano, a few of the other students, and I headed over to Santana Row to have some pheromone interactions. We walked into a Lulu Lemon store and I opened a hot blonde girl standing alone shopping. I said to her, “Is it true what they say? Do drunk I love you's count?” She gazed at me, played with her hair, and said, “Yes it does count. Why do you ask?” I replied, “I just got back from Paris and I took my best friend Maria with me. It was her dream to go and since I trav el there often, I decided to take her along.” I got into my DHV story and Serano walked over and said, “He is the modern day Pharaoh.

I didn't push; I sought the pheromone perfume fulfillment that I needed within the course of the entire interaction. So it really didn't matter if I had gotten back to the seduction location or not. I knew that in time, there would be an abundance of women and many seduction locations.


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