Pheromone Attractiveness


This is a factor on both sides of your interactions.

If your self-confidence weren’t as strong as it needs to be you will not be as bold as you normally would be when faced with a beautiful woman.

You might even shut down completely feeling you aren’t worthy and fail to even approach.

So your approach, which would have normally worked, was suddenly negatively calibrated and you reacted differently towards this woman because of her good looks. Learn more at and

The result? It becomes a self-fiilfilling prophecy. She rejects you.

Remember: Working on your foundation keeps you from being influenced by outside sources like her attractiveness.

What happens when you’re more attractive?

She knows she doesn’t have the looks of a model and if you tease her as much as you would tease a more attractive woman you might insult her.

You might even lose her.
If she thinks you’re too cool for her she won’t try and it’s game over.
How do you adjust in this situation of pheromone attraction?
You verbally calibrate by letting her know you are on her level. Compliment her.
Or tell her something embarrassing that shows you’re less socially attuned.

A story, which starts: “That reminds me of the time, now don’t laugh...I know this is going to make me sound like a total dork...” is a good approach pheromone.

Geographic Location:

Women who live in one area are different from women in another area. How direct you are is determined by your location.

Stick around: I have a section covering calibration for the areas of the United States and globally later in this guide.

A common pheromone complaint from guys is the claim that a seduction style works in X place, but not in Y place.

Bull. Dating instructors travel all over the world and successfully seducing beautiful women. Of course that’s not to say all areas are the same.

But the methods work because all people have a fundamental part of themselves that responds in much the same way.

The question is to what degree. How much and how directly you apply the methods to get them to work is the key.


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