Pheromone Attraction is NOW your choice

Pheromone Attraction is NOW your choice… I know, I know, I emphasized that attraction isn’t your choice in the first volume of Attraction Control Monthly. But here’s the Remember when I said that attraction isn’t a choice, and that masculinity is automatically attracted to femininity like a positive and negative pheromone molecule? thing. If you understand how to tap into your own source of femininity, feminine charms and feminine energy, then men won’t be able to help themselves but to be mysteriously attracted to you.

Well, it won’t be a choice for most men to find you attractive if you use your feminine traits. This is because men are hardwired to find certain feminine traits attractive no matter who is displaying those traits. It is almost as consistent as gravity. So in this modern society, you have the choice of whether to use pheromones

When you choose to bring out more femininity, men will find themselves attracted to you automatically… or not your femininity, feminine energy and charms. This is your choice. And once you do, you’ll find that men will find themselves attracted to you from all directions. The stronger feminine charge you are, the more men will be attracted to you. But use this  carefully, as we don’t want to encourage stalkers and weirdos to come out of the pheromones. Learn more at and

Bringing Out Your Infinite Source of Feminine Pheromones

Ok, so all that talk about femininity, let’s now talk about a few exercises that I want you to do to tap more into your own source of femininity and feminine energy. Exercise 1 TAKE care of and worship your body. Starting today, make it a ritual to take at least 10 minutes every single day to look after your own body, in which ever way your body needs it. When a woman gets stressed from her day to day life, she usually tenses up, and actually  becomes more masculine. The feminine energy doesn’t respond well to stress and challenge, so this is especially important for women of this day and age where life and work can be so demanding that it’s hard to take a break. So this is why it is important to make it a ritual to look after ourselves every single day. We all need to recharge and re-balance ourselves. This is what I want you to do. I want you to take out a piece of paper, or even your diary. And I want you to write down 3 things that you’re going to do every single day from now on, to make the effort to look after yourself. Too many women try to look after everyone else and never really look after themselves in the end… and they burn out. And when you burn out, you totally lose your radiance and feminine energy. Men won’t find you attractive, and your friends won’t like to be around you. Learn more at and

So write down the 3 things you will do starting today, to start looking after yourself. Now this can be first thing in the morning, having a yummy nutritious breakfast that will give your body the gift of health and radiance.


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