Pheromone Attraction is gained

A woman who’s too shy to talk to you will come and stand near you to browse the shelves for greater pheromones. You: [Glance over at her briefly and then return your attention to your rnagazine.]
Her: [She will look at you when she thinks you aren’t looking.]
You: [Look at her again as she looks away.] “Oh, hi. What are you reading?”
Why It Works:
Proximity reads nonverbally as interest.
The closer we stand to someone the more it’s acknowledged that we have a relationship. She doesn’t necessarily need to be standing next to you. You can go stand near her.

Looking and then looking away “dance” allows her to flirt with you, which amplifies her attraction to your true pheromones.

This is manifested by her nervousness if she’s shy, or her knowingness of the code otherwise.

The verbal component of this approach is very simple and it’s similar any other situational opener, albeit understated.

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Have a few of your own interests to talk about and know what you are looking for in a girl.

After you find that she’s a good match you can go on a little mini-date - A walk around the city, or to the bookstore [where you play little games like pick out the book with the title that best fits the other

person’s personality, or sex life, or whatever].

Day Seduction Example: Shampoo Romance?

Nicholas Sparks is the guy who wrote “The Notebook”, which is universally loved by women.

She’ll help you find something since women like to be helpful and love the idea of a romantic guy. She’ll also understand the guy who doesn’t know about more feminine things.

You’re giving her a chance to play the expert while doing something she does by herself anyway.

The girl will help you pick a shampoo and you can spend time talking to her while you both smell an assortment of shampoos.

This will trigger scent memory and bring her pleasure allowing for transference. Since it’s commonly done in public it won’t give her a sense that she shouldn’t be doing this.

Ask her how a girl likes having her hair washed and get her to demonstrate by pretending to wash her hair. Mirror what she is doing with your own hair. Ask her, “Like this?” She will either agree or tell you what to do to fix what you are doing. While you are both running your hands through your hair say, “Mmn1, that feels good, doesn’t it?”


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