Pheromone Attraction is a bonding game

Pheromone Attraction is a bonding game that’s a hybrid of mirror hands and pushing hands. It’s a game that takes into account leverage, reflexes, sensitivity, timing, and coordination. It also teaches her to yield to touch rather than resist it.

The best position for playing Flowing Hands is to be seated on the ground with your legs slightly spread and straight out in front of you. Learn more about pheromones at and

Have her kneel between your legs explaining it gives her extra leverage to counteract your strength. She then places her hands in front of herself with her palms facing you.

You mirror this action placing your palms against her palms.

The obj ective of the game is to learn to listen to your partner’s intention and redirect her force by becoming sensitive to her movements as she attempts to push against your hands knocking you over.

Meanwhile you try to do the same while moving your hands around keeping your palms pressed against her palms. Both of you attack, defend, and learn to neutralize resistance replacing it with a mutual flow of pheromones.

Basically you’re training each other to fall into the rhythm you will share having sex without coming right out and asking, “How do you like to screw?”

However, in this version you are going to trick her.

Play the game for a little bit by pushing lightly while moving your hands around. Then quickly push forward more forcefiilly.

She will instinctively respond with extra force of her own.

As soon as you feel this immediately release all of your own force and fall backwards catching her in the process.

She will lose her balance and literally fall for you.
Once she’s mounted you the vibe will change.
Her lips will be inches away while she’s in a dominance position suggesting she’s in control. Kiss her.

Other Physical State Amplification Games: A pillow fight, tickle fights, and wrestling are all good games to get her physically aroused. Thumb wrestling and a seated version of Flowing Hand are good


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