Pheromone Agreements

The very first when I started thinking about pheromone attraction was asking myself a question , why does a set suddenly unravel? Now the big mystery to me. Man things are going freaking awesome…everything's high…everything was going off….and I was like ”Oh! All of a sudden BAM!!” She turns cold, her friend comes over she leaves or she just disappears or you know there's just a huge back drop.  I was wearing Pherazone pheromones.

Couple minute s later she just kind of excuse herself. W hat is the deal ? Why does a set unravel ? And you know , the line of thinking is you know when you think you have agreement with somebody about something and t hen you find out that you need to use pheromone colognes. You know if you just go with yourself. You've been talking to somebody and you think you guys agree and then it starts to become clear and clear. Learn more at and

It's not you guys aren’t agreeing. Just think about the effect 55:00 mins it has on you, like , “Ah!” S o and then and then once she starts thinking that they're not actually going to start and to pen them down. That's clarification so you know that's where that originate d from. You've got to keep that stuff cleared with cheap pheromones. Learn more at

We will go a lot more in - depth into the types of games and the rules and so forth. Little bit later, not on this call, maybe on the second one. Does anybo dy have any questions about the Desire repulsion audio? I know I got a couple of emails…that’s for reset the sc ales…and….am really wanting some definite post by this….minus 10 to to….(??unclear) S1 : I don't really understand the have and actually not have skill. Ok, So to have skill is the idea that you could actually have something. So if you look at say a yacht. Of course I don't know how much money you make more pheromones.

I don’t know anything about you…I think that’s adjustive… other than that and maybe you can affo rd but the feeling that most people can’t, that ’s like not have , “Oh! I can’t have that!”. Have is something that you have confidence with your pheromones, “Oh! I can’t have that!” It’s like, looking at a certain car, “Oh! Yeah, I can have that!” I j ust have to make sure I can afford up 400 $ a month. I can do that and pay the insurance. “Oh! Yeah, cool I can have that!” S o , one thing is that you can have it , and the other seems like , “Oh! Shit, man, it’s like 80 grands a month, just for gasoline, I can’t do that, I can’t have that!”

It’s sort of like, can you have it with unscented cologne with pheromones? Can you own it? It also ha s to do with Could you keep it? Could you have it like a ongoing thing? With hot girls most guys have not have , look at hot girl, “I can’t pick, am not her type!” “She doesn’t like me.” You know that's a not have. Most of the true not have like the minus ten don’t even enter our a wareness. Now, am convinced, people don’t even think about them . So, you can build th is up right this is just a feel, not based on anything other than a feeling . We have got, mental pictures and certain things are fired off .


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