Passion and Presence With Real Pheromones

Passion and presence are strong masculine traits of pheromone production. This doesn’t mean that passion or a strong presence is not a feminine trait – it just means that feminine passion and feminine presence shows up differently. And of course, my love of several years, David, is my ideal man who has all the traits of the above characters (and more).

But here’s the real pheromones…. Before I was in a relationship with David, I was in a relationship with an extremely indecisive man who cheated on me twice, and once stood (actually ducked) behind me when a gang of 2 boys threatened us in the street (in broad daylight, mind you, in a very good and respectable neighborhood – go figure). Yes, he actually stood behind me while I fronted the 2-team boy gang and protected him . I’m not kidding. Learn more at and

Luckily, they (the ‘gang’) were ‘kind’ enough not to bash me up. But they didn’t leave before shaming my ex-boyfriend for standing behind me, a woman. Now, at the time, I did what I had to do – but I never got over it. I couldn’t articulate the problem at the time – but I never ever felt safe or wanted to be with this man again. I went home that day, and I told this story to my auntie, and she said: “well, you know he’s never going to be your greyhound…’ Learn more about pheromones at and

Thank goodness, I ended that relationship of pheromone production. But more importantly – I started learning about feminine energy, I attended expensive seminars where I learned about feminine and masculine energy, and I started being true to my core – an authentic feminine woman, and because of this, I was blessed to attract David in to my life who is a strong, protective, loyal,  masculine and generous human being whom I trust. To be honest, he protected me and provided for me from the first day I met him with real pheromones.

I never knew this kind of man existed. I mean, I never even had to ask, ask he would drive me to a party, pick me up if I was in trouble or stranded in the middle of the night, drive for 3 hours just to see me for an hour, and even help me pay for things I needed but I couldn’t buy myself. I’m not telling you this to impress you – I’m telling you this to show you that these kind of men do exist, and there are PLENTY of them just WAITING to devote themselves to YOU – if you learn how to embody your own feminine energy. In fact, it could be the man you’re with right now. The good news is; it’s not hard. And the other good news is, you’ll stand out from the sea of woman when you’re a very feminine woman, because this energy is so rare these days. And what is rare is valuable! Becoming a very feminine woman really is your secret key to meeting and having a very strong man who makes you feel beautiful, safe, protected and adored. See – a man cannot adore you and want to give you his life unless he feels that magnetic pull towards you.


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