Original Pheromones

She gave me a proud smile then and said, "No, I'm nineteen and I love to use human pheromones."

Instant boner. This couldn't be true, could it—fucking two teenagers in one trip to Paris? We started walking towards a park then, and I decided to keep pushing the sexual theme. "What's the craziest sexual experience that you've ever had?" She looked shy and said, "Hmm, tough question. I once kissed a guy I didn't know in a nightclub. What's yours?”

Her naivety was cute and amusing at the same time. I tried not to laugh as I said, "You're not very original. You're only repeating my questions on whether pheromones work.”

"Yes," she admitted, "but I want to know. What was your craziest sexual experience?”

"Wait, here's a church. It's better if I tell you inside the church, like a confessional," I said. She laughed, and then I launched into a story about fucking a girl in a car on the streets of Seville. She looked shocked but very interested. "Wow," she said when I finished. She was speechless. But importantly, she wasn't showing the slightest sign of discomfort. Girls do like thinking about sex pheromones. Learn more at http://www.starlightsound2004.com/purtity-in-pheromones/

I laid down in the grass at the park, and she sat up next to me. We were just talking for a while, I had my hand on her thigh and, as we talked, she admitted that she was a virgin and had only been kissed by two guys. She eventually warmed up enough to lay down next to me and put her head on my chest. As I was stroking her soft hair, she started telling me that she wanted to find a strong, confidant, dominant man someday who likes pheromones. Learn more about pheromone recognition.

"I should tell you," I said, "that I like you. I'm going to kiss you before we leave this park."

"How are you going to do that?" she asked.

"I'll dominate you," I told her.

Adele was at my door as soon as she finished work. We had sex again, almost immediately, and then we talked about what to do for the rest of the evening.

” Let's go out sightseeing," I told her. ”I want you to show me around." Adele was, as always, passionate about that idea. We had a really nice evening, a proper date, you might call it. She showed me around the city and I saw all the grand sights of Paris with a beautiful girl on my arm. Kissing her in front of the Arc D'Triumph is a memory that I will always have and cherish. Learn more at http://cerce.org/misled-by-pheromones/

"Too old for you,” I told her. Right from the very beginning I'd had a few self—defeating ideas about being unsuitable for this life. One of them was my age. I'd recently turned thirty—five, much older than the girls I chased. Nobody I knew was dating girls fifteen years their junior.

"Really, how old?” she asked.

"I'll tell you if you take one guess first.” I replied.

She made a face, screwing up her nose, and said, "Twenty-seven?"

I smiled and said, "Higher."


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