Obvious Pheromones

So obviously, if you want to have great relationships, then you have to do the things that create the good associations, and avoid the things that cause bad associations. And in fact, the game takes this concept one step further with natural pheromones.

 When you get to an association of around +50, (which means you really like the other sim, and we’re having real good associations here in that relationship), then you get some other options of how you interact. You can even fall in love if the association is above 50 pheromone concentration. Learn more at http://www.aanshaw.com/the-main-problem-i-have-with-pheromones/ and http://biotechpub.com/im-noticing-a-few-things-with-reading-my-pheromones/

After you fall in love, you can get married and move in together, if the associations are good enough. It’s also true in real life; no one will marry you if they have a bad association with you. So if you want more commitment in the relationship, then you shouldn’t go and “ask” for the commitment, but rather build up the good associations first with human pheromones. Learn more at http://www.betsysbacktonature.com/got-a-new-pheromone-perfume/ and http://balisuccesstours.com.au/index.php/2015/12/28/body-language-pheromones-101/

And when you have achieved a great relationship score or association, it fulfills many of your needs just by being in the same room as the other person or just thinking about the other person. When you have great associations with someone, your problems tend to go away when they show up. Your whole mood shifts when they speak to you regarding natural pheromones.

And you’re no longer getting affected by the daily frustrations of life. Here’s another thing that is also very true in the Sims as well as in real life. Sometimes in the game, you think you’re doing something good to climb the relationship association ladder (to raise the association points closer to +100), and suddenly it backfires on  you… simply because - what you were trying to do wasn’t quite compatible with your partner. Your partner didn’t perceive value in your actions. And this is so true in life. Haven’t you made the mistake of trying to do something good, only for it to be interpreted badly by someone else who likes pheromones?

I certainly have (on more than one occasion too). So we have to learn what turns our partner on and what totally turns him off. This is so critical! Sometimes one thing works with one man and the same thing will totally offend another man. This is something that you’ll learn as you connect more and more with your lover. It’s something that we have to take conscious notice of. This is a job for you and only you to do. I can only give you guidelines but it’s you who has to go  into the field and try things out and see what works. But of course, we have to realize that there are many different types of associations, so let’s just quickly talk about the good types of associations and the bad types of associations.

So we’ve established that there are both good and bad types of associations In our personal relationships, we all aim to create the +100 type of amazing positive association both for ourselves and for our partner. Just a quick note: It is equally as important for YOU to have the association as it is for your partner.


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