Beautiful Pheromone Women

 I noticed that he would be talking and out of nowhere he would smile and I couldn't understand what pheromone he was using. I was like, “Why is he smiling?” I would soon learn from The Player, “If a beautiful woman looks at me, I have to demonst rate that I have healthy emotions and that I am winning.

So I may be talking to you about something important, but the moment she looks my way, a big smile is on my face and my chest goes out a little more.” — Arash Dibazar We concluded lunch and headed back to Celcius. I walked over to the Jack ’N The Box to get a smoothie before the start of the event. I was wearing Pherazone pheromone so I knew she would be attracted to me.  I ordered my food and the cashier kept looking back at me so I opened her. “ Hey, what does this city have to offer?” She asked, “Where are you from?” I tol d her to guess. She guessed Texas and was totally wrong. I told her that I lived in San Diego and was there on business. I was also having a party downtown and she was welcome to come. Learn more at and

She replied, “I'll have to see what my boyfriend wants to do, but I'll take your number.” I knew what that meant. I didn't demonstrate my value properly and never disqualified myself as a potential suitor. And of course, she never called. I walked back across the street to Celcius and before I walked up the stairs, I took two deep breathes and said to myself, “You have to earn your position,” then entered. There was a room full of boot camp attendees, and I was greeted with a hand shake and hug by Eugene, Serano, and Beast. Lucky was the film guy but never said much. Allen was also another student/staff that kept to himself. I walked around the room and shook everyone’s hand and then took my seat. Arash came out and said, “What's up bro? How was the trip? Did you drive?” I replied, “No way, I can only fly, road trips are no fun .” He began, “Welcome everyone to the Secrets to Attraction boot camp . By the end of the weekend, you will literally feel a different sensation about yourself when you use androstenone pheromones.

The next morning Ben and I sat at his table and I gave him a recap of the evening and whether pheromones worked. He said to me, “Remember what Arash said about you at the PUA convention. You are going to be a fucking monster man.” I appreciated the comment but I was more focused on mastering myself and being a monster then after. Ben dropped me off at Celcius and as I walked up the steps, I said to myself again, “You have to earn your position man.” I walked in, and went around the room shaking everyone's hand and greeting them good morning.


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